CERN’s Associates also guilty for the Hoover Dam conversion

Freightliner Daimler Trucks, Germany, United States

OSKNY Marketing, Germany and New York

Creative Technology, Singapore

CERN Center for Nuclear Energy Research, France and Switzerland

Freightliner trucking company sponsored an award winning Guinness record presentation using Hoover Dam as a projection screen depicting the destruction of Hoover Dam.  A thorough analysis conclusively demonstrates that a mechanism designed by CERN in Switzerland at their research laboratory will be somehow integrated within the dam to create a Stargate, or transportation portal.  Federal Whistle blower, Stew Webb, claims that electricity from Hoover Dam was sent via specialized near earth satellite known to be an instrument of destructive power The Death Ray and directed at the North and South Trade Center Towers in September of 2001.  If this is the case, then Hoover Dam may be used to deliver the same destructive energy via time displacement technology to move the energy remotely to various locations throughout the world if the success of CERN is achieved.

1000 points of light

As early as May 6, 2015, another theatrics projection took place on the face of the Empire State Building.  This staging featured, Kali, the goddess of time,creation, change, preservation, and destruction,  Shiva the destroyer, Kali’s husband, was showcased on Hoover Dam.  The representative elements using DNA restructuring, vortexing DNA stranding, blue light “Bluebeam”, and animal last rights imagery tells us that life on earth is coming to an end.  A special notice in which the image of our earth rotates until the Americas are visible.  What is striking is that points of light stream upward especially from the United States in what seems to be “A thousand points of light”

In the video clip, The United States is observed as 1000 streams of white light that may reference to 1000 engineering constructs that are earmarked as targets of destruction.  The statement by former president George W. Bush was not by accident, but a defined scripted line with definite intentions.  He did not mean it with relationship to 1000 specific people.  He may have meant that Hoover Dam has 10 to the power of 3.  10X relates to the AllSpark cube featured in Transformers within Hoover Dam – which follows this esoteric equation:  10X (Freightliner) is to 10³ (AllSpark cube in Transformers 2007).  Could this mean 1000 targets?
frieghtliner to the sun and back cropped

Further investigation involved asking a New York based Marketing firm, OSKNY, top copywriter agent for information regarding the script or story board for the three minute in length video display.  After one month, no answer was given and Freightliner’s German office finalized the query by denying that information to the public domain.  In other words, the marketing agent who tried to help was pressured into silence, thus confirming that the public presentation is only hyped as to its technical achievement, but not for its content and what it meant.

AboveClick to enlarge a slide projected on Hoover Dam by Freightliner Co. with the slogan “!0 X to the Sun and back” has nothing to do with freight transportation on land.  The depiction of a particle collider and vortex connection between the Sun and Earth can only refer to travel by portal gateways.  The vortex pattern is reminiscent to the “Machine” built for travel between star systems in the film CONTACT.  

The proof is held as a pdf file somewhere at Freightliner under lock and key.  It’s equivalent to a parent asking why a certain subject was taught to their child with no answer as to it’s purpose or why and the refusal to release the government curriculum rationale for the lesson.  To clarify, the top echelon marketing agent was completely compartmentalized and unaware of the connection between CERN and Hoover Dam.


Freightliner hides information from the public

Aug 21, 2015  First query sent:

Hi [S.S.],
My name is Lee Bracker with an interest regarding the theme of the projected imagery on Hoover Dam. I simply can’t find anywhere about what it was we saw. I’m curious and it would be terrifically appreciated if you might direct me to where a description of the theme and story is, or be so kind as to share a description? Thank you,

Aug 21, 2015  First query replied:

Hi Lee,  Yes, we actually did have a story line that I believe we can share with you. I’m in Portland on assignment with Mercedes at the moment but will look for it sometime next week if that works for you.  S.S.

Sept 9, 2015  Last of several communications in which the both of us questioned authority:

Hi Lee… [Unusual] I don’t think I’ll be able to get the documents explaining the projection.  My German colleagues are not responsive right now; not sure what’s going on over there…

S.S. [full name respectfully withheld]

Manager Content & Copywriter [OSKNY Marketing]


Is LaBeouf as clever the deliverer of disclosure messages as Stanley Kubrick?

Shia LaBeouf, like Stanley Kubrick, uses what it takes to deliver clues to the public of the intentions conspired by the power elites.  Shia may have been made aware what the Hollywood message was that the film he played a starring role in delivered to the general public. Why would Shia choose this comic character and the weapon he uses from thousands of comic book choices?  How coincidental is that to whistle blowers who have said this weapon, The Death Ray, was what brought about the dematerialization of the trade center towers. 

iamsorry window w death rayAn unusual exhibition was presented by Shia LaBeouf who played the lead role in Transformers 2007.  In the film that was not about Stargates, were clues that it was and that Hoover Dam was the vault which held the technology for portal transfer of matter using time displacement technology.

LaBeouf’s strange behavior yielded a clue among the art exhibit displayed one of which was a copy of the comic book Death Ray.  This cannot be by coincidence and does coincide with Stew Webb’s inside information that the Star Wars era space weapons program continues today.

Shia LaBeouf holding allspark cube textPrior to August, I was asked to be on air with Jim Fetzer on July 24, 2015, the moment he met me through Mike Sparks regarding Jade Helm’s actual function with relationship to the concern over the general consensus that Hoover Dam is earmarked for demolition.   View the feature article with a video embed: The Hadron Collider was developed to destroy Hoover Dam!

Following this link will take you to an articles listing page chronicling the research as it progressed since the year 2012.  FROM PYRAMIDS & STARGATES TO STARWARS

Coming soon; my Interview with black ops whistle blower, Stew Webb.   We cover the possibility that Hoover Dam may be used as a weapon of mass destruction delivery system as well as, or be condemned as theorized by original conspiracy theorists.


Unedited Media Broadcasting Center interview with Jim Fetzer “The Real Deal”


Included also are other media sources alleged to be guilty parties.  One is the Hunger Games franchise Demonstration of a dystonian future without Hoover Dam in the film Hunger Games “Catching Fire”.




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