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Aug 12    Hunger Games: Catching Fire and more part 2  Article  Video

Aug 13   Open Lines

Aug 14   Guest: Brendan Wade Ryan

On The Beam Radio Show and feature videos:

Aug 15   Guest: Daniel Leach antiilluminatiparty.com – OBLIVION  Video

Aug 16   Guest ( guest no show): “Big” Al Murrieta DHS Agent

Aug 18   Open Lines on the late Kevin Smith  video on the back burner

Aug 19   Experiencing technical difficulties.. please stand by.

Aug 20   veritascures presents: Vitamin E  video in the making

Aug 22   Guest: Daniel Leach “Angstrom gold and health benefits”

Aug 24  Guest: Aaron ReyTucson Tyranny Response Team (TTRT)  Video

Aug 27  Guest Naomi Tickle “What makes people tick and why”  Video

Aug 28  Open Lines:  On Sheldon Day and Kevin Smith setting up radio shows Video

Aug 29  Guest Sheldon Day

Sep 01  Open Lines

Sep 02  Hanna Kroeger and dissolving blood clots

Sep 03  Guest Kai “King” Savage

Sep 04  Treating cataracts with DMSO: Dane Lazarevski

Sep 06  Faked Alien Invasion and Project Bluebeam  Video




Video Archives 2013


Hunger Games “Catching Fire” shows continues its desire to train our youth to salute the Neo Nazi “Hail Hitler” stance.  This video chronicles an overview of the meaning of this symbolic gesture and it’s deceptive undertones in which leaders should gain invisible aetheric powers in which an influential yet ignorant generation are taught is harmless.  It is not.  Hunger Games serves a purpose far and beyond telling a dystopian God forbidden doctrine not understood by general audiences.


The Helical theoretical model of how our solar system works is three dimensional as opposed to the two dimensional plane of the Heliocentric model.  It happens to the be the true model complete with vortexing, STARGATE (I add that), and that explains what black holes are and I’m adding that too.  Before I complete the model as a video representation, I’d like you to view an edited version of both djsadhu’s video renderings with music I chose in a preliminary cut of what our presentation on black holes is.


“Elysium” Starring Jodi Foster who commands Homeland Security 141 years into the future, demonstrates today’s power elite’s desire to pass the free health care program “ObamaCare” through the naturalization of South American countrymen and women and children with the power to vote on their behalf and for their agendas.    This is the danger posed by La Raza and the propaganda spilled into the minds of the destitute that there is a miracle of healing just around the corner.  The opposite is true, however, and it is by design that actors including Jodie Foster are working for the benefit of themselves… not yours.  Foster is an employee of the Elitists from age 3.


Serge Monast, a whistle blower from Canada, was killed for disclosing Project Bluebeam.  The project described by NASA rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun, is a simulated alien invasion using digital mastery against a chemtrail atmospheric screen.  New 3D mapping on solid surface technology is being showcased before our very own eyes.. a display of intrigue with a morbid agenda hidden in plain sight.  3D image mapping moves the false reality into a new playing field where it is currently the staging ground for consumer advertisement as well as entertainment to groom people to accept its presence.


Sheldon Day (thelightofthedayradioshow.com) and I talk shop.. I guess I did a lot of talking, but that’s Shel alright.. listening for intel that can be used to solve mysteries.

It means we both had a lot in common and worked well together on Americas most prolific crime cases since 2011.  No, you don’t know this because you know Sheldon Day primarily for his work on Planet X, but the real aspects surrounding a researcher that I identified as the very best was in Sheldon which is why I incorporated him into my world of CSI.   No matter what it was I needed, he produced the documents or evidence or elements I needed to prove my theories.   Wow, you didn’t know!   It’s because most people think in terms of the surface while I look so very deep within everyone I meet that I know everyone for what their potential is.


Guest Naomi Tickle is a career path and personal interest motivator by using the science of reading people’s facial, body, and hand characteristics. While I asked for Naomi Tickle’s services when researching people involved in high crimes, counter intelligence, and with people I work with, her request is that she not be further involved with profiling suspects.  Please use her services for your career path interests, but refrain from an area which I no longer employed her for as I am respecting her wishes. 

In this way I could evaluate the most appropriate approach to my investigations so as not to implicate with impunity.  My interview with James William Parrillo who was imprisoned for twenty years became an instant friend who has vanished leaving a son perhaps still in search for his father.  I asked Naomi to profile James for two reasons.. first, to show that he is special and secondly, to confirm in him if he sees this interview that people do care and that he find a peaceful successful way in life.  You can view the interview with James  A glimpse into Bomber’s Row.. Alcatraz of the Rockies.


Guest Aaron Rey presents an audio tape proving that police officers lie.  This compelling evidence has caused his being banned from,well, just about everything in which a patriot should have freedoms to participate.


Vitamin E is a miracle compound considered an oil soluble vitamin.  d alpha tocopherol prevents spontaneous abortions, helps to relieve heart pressure by thinning the blood, compliments vitamin C and A, and is actually considered a sexual reproduction stimulant.


Daniel Leach of antiNWOparty.com joins me for a talk beginning with Oblivion and Superman and ending on the topic of health and wellness “Law of Similarities” also known as the “Doctrine of Signatures”


A one hour show combining the above half hour discussion of Hunger Games’ “CATCHING FIRE” with an additional disclosure of the secret society hand sign that was hidden in plain sight for exactly 100 years until its secret was revealed as to what the signal really does.  It has to do with STARWARS ‘force’ of power, but given to the wrong folks.


A half hour segment of ON THE BEAM RADIO SHOW  on the second of the Hunger Games franchise series set to go public on November 22, 2013.  There is a Hollywood ‘Tell’ that shatters the Hoover Dam as being a STARGATE theory.   Both scenarios are bad when left in the wrong hands.  Either way, we should be concerned as to whether we’ll save the dam and preserve our existence instead of allow the Colorado Rocky water simply leave the continent making us high and dry.


Collin Napper is a 12 year old boy who really really really didn’t want to be on the radio, but then called anyway to have a good time talking alien talk.  Join me and Collin as we talk shop a bit on we think aliens are and what our destiny is.



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