Could magician ‘Psycho Jack’ be working for the Elites?

A coincidence of themes involving a national crime?

It would be difficult to say that the entertainer of magic who has been on America’s Got Talent television show and eliminated is working directly for the power Elites.  David Robinson is reported to have promoted Psycho Jack.  Robinson’s project was to stage a prison nation poster child on a television program wearing jail yard oranges.


Video shows the Nicholson – Holmes resemblance.  There is little doubt that Psycho Jack’s appearance is tied to Loughner.


What lies beneath the surface of the themes played out as a stage persona is an even bigger agenda held by the Elites. This  powerful media psyops is the gun control agenda which was debuted with the shooting spree at a Tucson area Safeway supermarket where a federal judge and a US Congresswoman and others were fatally shot.  Former Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords survived a mortal head wound.

Troll Triad is an ipredator sub-construct defining how groups of online users who are working as a team to target other online users, have different rolls and functions in the Troll Triad.

The suspect, Jared Lee Loughner, was convicted and sent to spend the rest of his life in prison in August of 2012.  While the story faded into forgetfulness by the public for more tragedies to come, the event had specific long term goals.  Once Giffords recovered, she began a campaign to push gun control legislation in reverse of her original pro 2nd Amendment right stance.  The notable aspect of the media coverage was to also help the Obama Health Care Plan along with the push for mental health care.  It was a dual script by which fear and resolve was placed in the minds of the masses.

Nicholson Holmes compared Jack

Psycho Jack loughner tie comparisonThe James Holmes Aurora massacre followed with the cap off by the Connecticut Kindergarten massacre.  Both subsequent events also used the dual script regarding mental health and gun control.

The question asked is why does a magician incorporate the elements of both the Loughner and Holmes shooting cases intertwined with the two ended script?  This is amazing to me for very few people understood the psychological operations that took place beginning at the first week of the year 2011.

The Aurora saga featured a first impression black and white photo to match a younger Jack Nicholson 8×10 Hollywood portfolio image.  Like the first impression of Jared Lee Loughner in a crazed pose, the link to mental ‘off balance’ was choreographed with the Batman film’s psychotic character, the Joker.  The two national crime events were media driven and continue long after the events have faded.  Placing Psycho Jack in the temporary lime light perpetuates the 2nd amendment and mental health care agenda.

nicholson joker 2What is present on the magician’s stage is a psychologically crazy in appearance white man wearing jail color clothes, orange, is bald, has face make up to resemble Jack Nicholson as the Joker (a psychotic character) and uses two assistants dressed as medical personnel.  Psycho Jack portrays  one who may have been released from incarceration and is ready for the loony bin.  Otherwise, he’d be wearing hospital colors instead.

What is important to note is that it is customary for actors, such as in the case of this magic show gimmick, is for the aspiring entrepreneur to succeed, h/she is wise to take suggestions.  Perhaps it was Psycho Jack’s idea, but it would be the totality of the concept to come from someone who also understands the media continuance of a case that has since been forgotten.  What the audience sees are the unconscious remnants.  Who would think that Psycho Jack is a blend of media craziness embedded in the design of his look?  The Joker is obvious, but the Safeway shooting suspect, the right to bear arms for all issue, and mental health care are elements that escape the conscious while fortifying the subconscious on matters unrelated to showmanship.


Psycho Jack’s short lived media presence was important

Why was Psycho Jack’s appearance on America’s Got Talent important to the media psyops objecive and the Elite’s behind it?

“It won’t be long before Psycho Jack uses a gas mask as in the Aurora theater 9 shooting…”

The answer is that he was used.  The man playing the magic performer may continue the act, but never make the mainstream of magicians.  Those places are reserved for the elegance of the genre in which the males are handsome and suave engaging the opposite sex for audience allure.  Since Psycho Jack was promoted by a potential insider to the Elite circles of magicians (those aware of the Illuminati intent or even members of the occult), David Robinson, he would be viewed as an expendable competitor.  If so, then his career sabotaged by design from the start.  Psycho Jack would be deceptively conned into temporarily fulfilling the purpose of a far deeper agenda.  In this case, Psycho Jack was used to continue the media psyops relating to gun control and medical madness.  Jack will continue his shows keeping the Loughner/Joker connection alive and well.



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