Safeway Shooting four year anniversary 1/2/2015

Not one photograph or news footage of Jared Lee Loughner surfaced

after the Maricopa County mug shots were produced to the public shortly after the 2011 event.  After that, it is unknown if Jared Loughner was alive.  There are no records of incarceration at the Springfield, MO., Prison system leading up to his plea of guilt August 2012.  “George”, a Tucson, Arizona Wilmot Prison guard responsible for Loughner’s transportation to Judge Burns court room was unsure of Loughner’s identity.  The court illustrator rendered everyone’s facial features accurately except for Jared’s.  Listen to the Interview with A. True Ott and independent investigator, Lee Nevins Bracker, identify three other suspects, Joe Zamudio and two Delta Squadron 7 assassins, alleged in what may be a true agency operation known as ‘Operation Safeway’ by the authorities.  Play Jan-, 2015 audio interview below:


Troll Triad is an ipredator sub-construct defining how groups of online users who are working as a team to target other online users, have different rolls and functions in the Troll Triad.

Below: Bracker’s Independent Preliminary investigation






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