Flat Earth poster child Mark Sargent is a mal-intended Freemason

A Mason among us

mark satanic postureFilled with Masonic symbology, New World Order emblems and signatures, black magic with Egyptology and references to the Solomon’s Temple and ring of power, the most notable Flat Earth spokesperson shows that he indeed works for the secret society to derail the truther movement. Therefore, there must be a reason why Mark Sargent surreptitiously supports flat earth while downgrading science which seems to be hypocritical, but the reality is, there’s a rabbit hole of information they do not want the public to understand. You may not buy into the form or shape of Earth nor care, however, it is worth your while to see this person’s blatant announcement that has shifted the balance. Are the proponents of the sphere model in support of the Freemasons when contesting FE proofs?


Proof has flushed the self proclaimed tip of the spear to the surface

Following is an update into a renewed investigation into power placement of an individual within the midst of a growing movement he deems “The biggest Conspiracy there is”

Recently, I’ve come to learn that Mark Sargent may indeed be a secret level Freemason working toward re-educating flat earth proponents into a system of deception steering people into the New World Religious paradigm of actions. I made a concerted effort to end my study once Brian Klein of humanastory disclosed that he was behind the props that raised red flags, however, since Sargent never did reunite me with his circle of friends or even to forgive my actions, acknowledge that this event ever happened and that I did amit it was my fault, that the truth must be that I was correct. Many people understand the feelings, but not the true dynamics that are in full effect as I do.


Expose article and videos are reposted

This is not what I had expected, but is necessary to show that all along I had asked for private discussions without success for a remedy to the situation and answers that prove that Mark is innocent. They have made it a point to remain silent “Don’t feed the Trolls” is the excuse, but in fact a tactic to keep those that have been indoctrinated intact with the control.


Opinions from Flat Earthers

Summer Shine (begins at 5:30)

Wesley Stace Flat Earth News

Michael Kahnke (audio only)

Sasha Yates  updating current situation

Sarujio Valente “Sar27”

Greg Caton Government Whistleblower Ecuador



My intervention

I saw a potential problem and could not arrive at an reasonable answer. Because of the implications regarding a movement of people in what may be a conspiracy with far more impact than many, I had no choice but to gamble that I was correct.

“There is not one person on this planet you couldn’t learn to love once you have heard their story… Each person has a very special story to share …” from Humanastory

Following is a description of the case where I alleged Mark Sargent who has a major presence in the center of the Flat Earth Movement was suspected of service work for the secret societies to misdirect people’s intellect and moderate their ideas about spiritual thought leaning to the New World Religion. (Click image for “Strange World 2016 Weekly Flat Earth Radio Show”)


Conversation with Truth VS The Agenda

The following is a portion of a series conversation regarding Mike Adams, the Health Ranger of naturalnews.com and ends with a disclosure that Sargent is indeed a servant to the secret society. My conclusion confirms what the sensationalists within the same movement are attempting to prove without formal proof and is against people who I never considered malicious, but the actions I felt were assuming it came from them. It happens to be what genuine truthers are all attempting to do.

Lee, to be honest I don’t even know who to trust anymore. I do my own research throughout the web. The thing is that I see more and more of these guys totally bullshitting and creating narratives to fool their subs. Also they have a lot of fake subs and sock accounts where a handful of guys play multiple channels. I am curious as to who you think is still honest out there?

Truth vs The Agenda, I have a little story to share in which I learned a valuable lesson. It helps me take more responsibility with concern over who to trust and who not. I finally got into contact with Brian Klein of Humanastory in which Mark Sargent had become a regular guest as he does with Patricia Steere and some others. astronaut highwayOnce I determined that Mark Sargent who I suspected of acting a role and doing service work for the secret societies, the Freemasons in particular, I created an exposure analysis using a radio show promotional he had posted on his youtube channel with subsequent ones to follow. That resulted in being blacklisted by both he and Patricia. Once I spoke with Brian, it became clear what had actually happened. It was Brian who volunteered his creative energy and time with the making of these short videos not realizing what he was doing. He implemented all of the visual references I noted as masonic and witchcraft ‘imprints’ that would be left with those following the Flat Earth movement. He was not directed by Mark at all. Mark accepted the gift knowing the its function as being useful to his cause. How many gifts have been passed over? Because he too could not understand the problem as I saw it, he defended them by not addressing the videos making changes or removing them. I determined it was on purpose.


The character set of personality traits that I take into account when addressing individuals is from cardology. Cardology is an ancient system that predates Tarot and is highly accurate. “The cards never lie”, “It’s in the cards”, “You’re such a card” does not come from a vacuum. Once I learned of Mark’s birthday, I was able to understand why later on when communications between us were discontinued, and Patricia Steere said that he was suspicious of me, it was merely because of the trait profile. “The greatest success for the “taskmaster” 10 of Clubs lies within the mental and emotional realm who if instilled with good values, success is theirs for the taking. Trademarks include blind ego, and cunning. Often suspicious of others, Ten of Clubs are very sensitive to public opinion, fear criticism and disapproval. There is often a lack of self-confidence, but there is no good reason for it.. They are afraid of being judged, are insecure on a very deep level, and demand loyalty from friends and family.”


Having discovered that the problem originated with Brian and not at all from Mark, I offered them an apology with the promise I’d remove all of my articles and references plus my videos alleging that a new age crime had been committed. I really did think Mark Sargent had been directed to infiltrate the Flat Earth movement for the purpose of grooming those involved in it towards the New Age Religion. I felt that the sole purpose was to conceal and suppress the findings I had made that impacts the movement dynamically with positive proofs that will make NASA yield to reason. So far, we have modern science defeated in the area of argument, however, the solid logic necessary has yet to make a full presence in Flat Earth. Not receiving acknowledgement is the main consideration to knowing that Sargent will not admit lying to the public. I reversed my apology.



With an Eight of Diamonds (Me) in their life script, it’s likely a career in communications or teaching, a natural for this card, would provide well. The Ten of Club person is here to support the Eight of Diamond person.
The image to the right is of the left hand placed on the Bible. I had felt among many ‘clues’ that at the time seemed too coincidental, it inappropriate to be included anywhere within the Flat Earth realms because its demonstration is a visual cue that went beyond Astronauts refusing to place any hand on the Bible swearing as to the actual shape of the Earth.

left hand on bible crop

I hope that all consider this carefully. I hope anyone who had followed this case understands the dynamics that took place.

Mike Adams? I could never trust that man for the simple reason, his mistress has become a very special and close friend of mine and not that I am aligned with her, but that I know Mike Adams cannot ever in a million years admit fault. He’ll go to his grave keeping the secret from his current wife, Sheh Adams, and he’ll not retract his piece on the short sightedness of his flat earth evaluation.

The image far right was one in examples of artistic choices that were not made by Mark Sargent. (Click image to view 2016 Flat Earth Clues Channel Trailer).

moon is god 2 Do people make mistakes? We all do including me. Are people working as cointelpros with a purpose to mismanage movements such as this? Of course and it is a shame. Would they be the noted trolls or nuisances Dubay, Boylan, Osman, Spaceman, Omni-Eris and others? The answer is no. Our real enemies happen to be those at the very top of the independent alternative news circuit, Richard Hoagland, George Noory, and a few other ranked individuals that have been called out including Neil Tyson. Mark simply is duality player just as the democrats are to the Republicans… a game and it’s working.


The analysis – A Masonic disclosure and Occult derailing

I spoke personally with Mark Sargent who was very pleasant and subdued and willing to offer answers to my questions which satisfied me. This was before I suspected a serious problem. While on our second call, I explained some of the issues that involve national security problems that are highly likely to occur when he abruptly ended our conversation by taking another call. He said, “I’ll call you right back”. He never did make that return call, nor responded to several reminders to let me know when he had time to finish our conversation. I suspect that his call was to instruct him with a gag order regarding me, or that his instructions came later. He may have had time to consider this in which he decided to remain silent. Two weeks later, he produced the above video which has more to do with a warning than does a flat earth message. It’s a warning to anyone who contests him.

As you experience the analysis that follows, you’ll have a noticeable and overwhelming ill feeling. The very same music track acts repulsively from the one above for the simple reason, you’re viewing with the frame of reference regarding that of seeking truth. The psyops is effective above when one is oblivious to the malicious intent in which the feeling is ignored.


Mark Sargent ends contact

I spoke with Mark Sargent after long discussions with Patricia, the only way to get him to take my call, and found that at the abrupt close of our second conversation in the video that follows (two separate calls), Mark had been prompted to break and discontinue further contact with me. Note that he reads from a computer monitor to his left. No phone rang or vibrated as he claimed a call came through. Once I established the research work regarding the doomsday machine, Mark was alerted to cancel our communications from that point forth.


Patricia Steere before Mark Sargent ends contact

I had communicated by Facebook with Patricia Steere in ongoing talks about my helping her control nuisance trolls, offering help with her chat room, and suggested my help with a potential conference, marketing ideas, and the very things a friend would do for a fellow in the same field of research. With each and every attempt to be of service, I was ignored. Two weeks following my last conversation with Mark and his avoidance taking my calls and reply to email, the Brian Klein promotionals were published and I knew clearly Sargent was of the secret orders. I posted my analysis and was instantly unfriended by Patricia.



A Freemason never admits to being one when postured in a forum that abhors Masonry. But, their subtle disclosure although blunt with visual signatures is the admittance necessary and enough to be a formal announcement. Watch both his video prelude to his google hangout platform and the analysis of that video.

Flatty Awards? Satanic ritual & target profiling

Mark Sargent lined all the ducks up in a row as if cataloguing rather than getting to know these people personally.

On Monday, February 15, on the night of the Grammy Awards, Mark Sargent created a promotional video for Patricia Steere’s show Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes to draw people’s attention to the occult practices of Satanic ritualism. Hardly anyone understood this for the reason, those participating in flat earth research have become memorized with the self-satisfaction and claim to fame. This promotional explicitly states what the Grammy Awards are about relative to Occult practices and yet, considered benign among the earthers.
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