Michael Tellinger passes the Anunnaki research torch on…

Announcement:  Michael Vara, Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz & Ed Chiarini flagged until Vimeo ended

Their combined efforts resulted in almost 100 documentaries linked to my articles unassociated with LNM or the Horokanes be pulled.  Not a big deal, but it proves that it wasn’t me who intended to shut them down, but they me.  I published material they didn’t want their minions to view and that’s what was important.  I have not cited them for anything beyond asking that they clean up their hate speech.  The haters are liars.  They want all of my sites shut down.  So, who are the conspirators?  They are!   Look forward to a new and improved video presence.

Troll Triad is an ipredator sub-construct defining how groups of online users who are working as a team to target other online users, have different rolls and functions in the Troll Triad.

They claimed I conspired with others to defame them.  They said I conspired to shut them down.  What happened was that once I was banned from LNM by Michael Vara, I sought out the very people I was accused of conspiring with and then it became a conspiracy.  The conspiracy was to then shut them down.  I maintained that it was important to try to get them to change their minds, but because they are committed to fight, it’s inevitable that it is my aim to show that they shouldn’t be around.  It means, people will eventually question them, their integrity, and so forth until Len, Sherri and Mike just throw in the towel.  Just kids fighting over a toy in the sandbox.

Ancient Civilizations hunter, Michael Tellinger,

has shifted his efforts to doing the right thing with the Ubuntu Movement project he’s spearheading.  This enormous effort has taxed him in which he has offered his help to me while I push the search forth for an answer to Earth’s ancient history.  By finding more proof that the underground living quarters found by G.E. Kincaid in the first decade of 1900, I’m convinced that together, Tellinger and I will compile a complete story as to how the world’s “missing link” truly came about, thrived, and disappeared leaving us with the puzzle of life.

A slight problem prevails, however, and this video discussion explains that there are forces within the truth telling venues, particularly with a small time radio show pundit aligned with evil promoters of love and to be cautious.  I was surprised that Michael didn’t remember Michael Vara.. perhaps the odd broadcast of ill sentiment and low frequencies prevented Tellinger from forming a memorable experience.  I would suspect it is because Michael Vara has no interest and therefore isn’t a challenge to a guest… we love challenging hosts that ask the interesting questions, not the mundane.


Click image to view video Michael Tellinger with Lee Bracker discuss the future of Anunnaki research

Tellinger Marquee


Why do I sound presumptuous.. perhaps downright vicious?  Well, Michael Vara, Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Ryan Gable, Mario Perales, an entire army of minionites are proposing a law suit against me with a non-compelling argument that I work for a government paycheck, am interested in shutting down their operation, and all kinds of ludicrous insinuations.  They are confirmed that I sniff glue based on a drunk driving charge?  It’s like being called a pedophile when caught urinating in an emergency making sure nobody sees on the side of the freeway, a bush or tree perhaps, but the cops seem to want to watch your pee pee and charge you on it anyway.  Vara and Kane would say that person, based on their charge, are working with the Vatican to traffic underage children.  It’s that bizarre.






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