Dismantle The Beam Project was my desire to get to the bottom of what, when, where, how and in whichever circumstances it will occur.  Inspired by Serge Monast and Wernher von Braun’s admission to Carol Rosin who had disclosed this at the Disclosure Conference, I felt it necessary to venture on a mission to stop it.  That colossal endeavor, I have not achieved as of yet, however, I so desire to.

What evolved was an expansive look into just about everything

Jim Fetzer THE REAL DEAL interviews Lee Bracker on the fate of Hoover Dam.

Included was health related topics, corruption in the county in which I reside where a major operation to begin the dynamic by which the 2nd Amendment will be eradicated and ramp up the medical agenda, and various issues that would crop up I felt unique.  You may visit this website DISMANTLE THE BEAM PROJECT to view my work plus the genesis and forward motion of the mission to prove that Hoover Dam will be the next 9/11.



deja-thoris-explains-blue-beamThe way to stop a faked alien invasion is to prove it and then announce to the world that it will happen before it happens.  Only knowledge strewn to the masses can do such a thing. The result of the adventure I took astounded me as at this moment I have one step to make.  That step is to get the very best professionals on board using their skills in proving what I have at this point theorized, but much of it is very provable.   It simply requires the final taps of the conventional instruments for a convincing story. The only person I know who would take on this beast is Dr. Judy Wood.  Her engineering background and bold persistence for finding the truth about how the World Trade Center disaster occurred is the way now to prevent Hoover Dam from the same fate before it happens.  You may find her book “Where Did The Towers Go?” at her website.



A faked alien invasion happens at the same time that major industrial and natural catastrophes occur.  My study lead to a future 9/11 in the Southwest United States.  It will happen with Hoover Dam in Black Canyon between the Nevada Arizona borders.  That is the jist of it.  What I found was that I feel there will be a projected war both in our atmosphere as well as on the surface in our cities at the same time Hoover Dam is destroyed.

bancoSpaceAttackI wrote to Dr. Wood something to inspire her to reach me. “Judy, I wouldn’t want to have to see sitting on the bookstore shelf a book titled, “Dam!  Where did it go?”

Why does Hoover Dam need to be destroyed?  My answer is that to cripple Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, they must stop agriculture in which the dam was created for.  It was built to develop a thriving southwest complete with crops and cities.  The secret intent also is to have a reason to secure the US Mexican border.  That is where the control over people comes from.



visible-portion-hoover-dam-stargate1Before realizing that Hoover Dam would be earmarked as an exploding bomb, I had figured out that it may only be altered from a hydro electric power plant into a thing completely different for a service used detrimentally to mankind.  I found that by using the newly constructed and redundant bypass bridge opened in 2010 that it would later serve as parts to reuse and add to the dam transforming it into a Stargate.  I thought that it would be done to transport clean Rocky Mountain water offloading it to another place, possibly off planet.


A Stargate!  How completely absurd.  As I attempted to debunk the theory as I do all of them only because I do not want them to be true, I found this idea could not be refuted.  At least to me.  In the end, I found that it may not be used to steal all the water, but to use the water as was done with the tragedy in 2001 when the World Trade Center Towers were made to disappear. Dr. Judy Wood had analyzed (hurricane off the coast at the time), that I now believe it is to be simply destroyed.  The original genesis of the idea comes from Jonathan Kleck.  Dr. Wood’s book is titled “Were did the towers go?”

I had set out to prove and or debunk Kleck’s theory. In doing so, I bounced in and out of it many times.  In doing so I found links to Starwars both in film and the government project.  I would like to bounce out of it this time in which the globalists won’t break the thing.  I believe they will.



I had speculated that Hoover Dam would be converted into a Stargate and while doing so studied the reasons for it being a window to the universe. There had come a point in which a notion that a weapon of mass destruction, a bomb of sorts would be cast to the sun in order to stop it or even destroy it and lastly to use as a canon that would shoot star destroying “bullets”..  The theories went on and on.  Interestingly, I looked at the Hadron Colider after studying the “Machine” in the film Contact with Jodie Foster as well as other devices such as “AllSpark” from the film Terminators that appeared at the theaters in 2007 after Contact.  The correlation amazed me for the reason there were direct similarities “hints” in the films.  In Contact, Jodie Foster’s character’s nickname was Sparks.  AllSpark was a cube described as either a weapon or a free energy machine that was the reason Hoover Dam had to be built for the reason AllSpark could yield a destructive force so vast a vault the size of the dam had to be constructed.  I have since made major advances with the term spark in relationship with torus fields.  There were other speculations.

prelim-stamp-design-star-warsStarWars was a film made at the same time Ronald Reagan set up the space program with the same name.  I must mention that most of these ideas came from my analysis of the film industry because it was undeniably clear that the 1000s of correlations just could not be coincidental.  I had to go with the fact it was real.  An example I make when I speak of Hoover Dam and the relationship to a Stargate is that the main character in one scene wears a sweater bearing the letters that make up the word stargate.  I ask, “Why not Rebok, Nike or the Seahawks”?  To me this is all completely real.  A war that takes place in space, Stargates, a lethal bomb, a big engineering marvel, and all these elements made for a very long and arduous project.  More, it involved me having to acquire such a massive knowledge base throughout my years of study in every known field there is.  My background is industrial design and styling.  Our motto is “Form follows function”.  In this field everything must be back engineered to move forward.



All the theories must be proven by an engineer.  I’ve asked Dr. Judy Wood. A specialized mind, she can analyze my work.  I have studied for a very long time on this particular issue of a neo-9/11 and it is important that the merger between two people, one being very meticulous about what you see is what you get and the other being me, what you don’t see is what you get too.  I work both sides of the border and I hope she would agree to try.  Thing is, who wants a thing like that to happen without even trying “just cause”.

What I do realize is that I’ve come to my end.  In a very strange way, however, when I say I’m done, something comes up that is so huge it becomes the next big factor.  I must wake up and keep on going.  At the moment I am very taxed.  There is only my hope in which someone does pick up where I left this project in it’s current condition.  I thank everyone who contributed knowingly and not.  I am like my teacher, Joe Blankinship, now.. I have met the greatest masterminds in the world, learned all that I could, have my dream of getting something like Joe did, and then resting..  And as he always would say when commended for being brilliant he would reply, “I am only a leach on brilliant minds”.  Damn it, I never wanted to say that and now I am.  I miss him for this man is not here sitting with me on his book shelf couch reading beside me.  I so miss him.



“Old Man” I always called him.  I respected the elder and at the same time ended up acting as an equal.. most people would be appalled seeing us together arguing, me snipping unusual remarks and he just looking at me cockeyed or plain ignoring me.  I felt that I was on a roller coaster, merry-go-round, rocket ride with he and all his scientist friends at conventions and field trips.  We were always on a field trip.  I called this self-made education Joe University.  My education after my university one had been a unique and my own made curriculum with it’s own class studies. I had studied health and nutrition for years and having published a book in 2009, we met for the reason all that I had done was exactly what Joe had done although he couldn’t nor would write a book.  He had learned everything form people in person and their books.

A final note about the Old Man… he feared for my life so much so that most of what he’d yell at me for was to not do what I was doing.  For one, I independently investigated the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Tucson, Arizona when it was Joe Blankinship being the star witness on Judge John McCarthy Roll’s case that was so big it topped Erin Brockovich’s class action suit against PG&E by 300 times.  Billions were at stake and because this federal case was so big, it was a media blacked out event which made the Giffords pursuit of truth absolutely dangerous. And nobody knew it but me and Joe. I put his life in danger and yet he kept me around.  It meant government hits and because the judge was most likely assassinated at the Safeway when Giffords was injured for the case, well, that Roller coaster ride I mentioned became a very fast one. I’ve solved that case and nobody will ever really know what really happened.  I solved the Aurora shooting as well because it was linked to the Safeway shooting and other ones as well.  I’ve done it all and Joe was extremely bitter. He was because it all involved corruption in Pima County and it’s elected officials.  Joe’s brother was assassinated over it.

Joe imageA prolific reader.  I can’t name them all, but one notable scientist was Wilhelm Reich and as a youth, Reich was Joe’s teacher.  Joe was 80 when I met him. He took me as his student as Reich did with Joe (I made him become my teacher) and so I cannot possibly tell all of what he knows in one volume.. ever, but when Joe said that Tesla wouldn’t take him because the man despised youngsters, then I knew Joe had met almost everybody in the field of science.  In the three years I spent with him on a daily either with or on the phone, I got all that I could in my head.  All that was in the scientists heads too.  I knew that when he went, someone had to take that library of knowledge and carry the torch forth.

What I didn’t know nor could fathom was that I would surpass Joe in knowledge base in many areas that were very important.  I learned about gold.  That was his forte.  That and because of Dr. Phil Callahan, I learned about natural powers involving para and diamagnetics, pyramids, and so much more.  Between the three of us I put it all together to figure all this dam blowing up out and everything you see in Dismantle The Beam Project is a result of all my teachers showing me the fundamentals.  It is how I matched Orion to the Grand Canyon to see that it is not a natural formation and that the reason gold is prevalent throughout the Southwest states and Mexico may be a result of a massive alien gold harvest involving a lot of water to reveal the ancient city.  These are just some of the new discoveries that Joe could not possibly discover for himself.  I remember astounding him with my whole study of gold and its relevance to treating addiction. It happened when I showed my paper on the Rockefellers in which the Keeley Gold Cure was the reason Alcoholics Anonymous was set up as a secret society and so on.

If my teacher only knew that I found the new potential 9/11 and that it may happen at the time of the faked alien invasion known as the once secretive Project Bluebeam he would, no not roll in his grave, but would look at me cockeyed or just ignore me.  He always did that.  But not with gold.  Whenever I did a cool thing with that he would tote me around to all his friends and sit me on a pedestal.  He did that at the Tesla Convention in New Mexico in which I was stunned.  I thought that I was just following him around as a pet, but after he spouted good things about me, many notables came to me.  I had nothing really to say and instead learned from them all that I could.  For you see, I had become a leach on brilliant minds.

By the end of 2011 in August I had to go off grid and live like a homeless bum just to keep safe.  Meanwhile, I got the Old Man in so much trouble that finally the family didn’t want me around when I’d sneak over for fear of his life.  By this time, the megalithic case was sealed I think and then finally Joe died and Jared Lee Loughner was put away for life.  I could come back to earth and continue my work finding out what the next 9/11 was.  I didn’t know it of course, but now I do.

When I lost my teacher I had graduated Joe University.  My Doctoral Thesis was to prove the alien invasion scheme and in doing so, found that the next 9/11 would occur most likely at the same time.  I don’t believe if this happens it happens alone.. a global escapade would happen simultaneously.



The project continues.  There is no end to the New World Order’s plan to terminate the engineering marvel.  There are unanswered questions which take time to answer and more to hunt down.  The prevailing question, if it is a fact that this monumental hunk of concrete is compromised, is, “When…?”

The other is whether success at defining the technological arrangement is what it is and that it is capable of achieving the task of removing the dam from it’s foundation.  I’m certain now that they will execute their program, however, I’m not sure people will really want to prevent the scenario.



Andy I wanted so much to debunk Jonathan Kleck’s prediction that Hoover Dam was to be demolished. After all this time Andy, and all the research I’ve conducted over the years, I find that he’s right.   I spent 24/7 on it all and it wasn’t just the folding a 50 dollar bill and looking at occultic art work as Jonathan did in a day. I really did do the work and it wasn’t easy. It is hard to believe, but all my hard evidence as well as circumstantial fits. My wish is to stop those sinister wheels from turning.   I realize most people, perhaps yourself, will disregard the research I’ve done. I’m prepared for that. I’m also immensely frightened for this country. If you are interested in knowing I’d be happy to explain why it is Hoover Dam is earmarked for destruction. I’ll describe how it will be done too. While it sounds like a theory of the conspiracy nature, it really is not.   If nothing ever happens, I’m a fool and happy to be one for what I think the reason is is so devastating I’m not thrilled. It’s the particular agenda behind it that is important to have knowledge of. I hope your New Year yields good things. Mine, I’m not so sure as I’m tired now having come to an end to that research.. incidentally just today I finally received the prospective date when this catastrophic event will take place. Let me know...Lee  [e-mail sent to Andrew Basiago 12-31-13]

I covered the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in which I coined it the “Congress on your Corner Massacre”.  This happened one decade after the catastrophe in New York City. Because it resembled a “9/11”, I believe I have the year day and time for the next event that follows.  The math indicates that it will happen on September 11, 2021.



Once the World Trade Center was decommissioned, there was severance of the United States from the rest of the world.  Trading with the world is the backbone and networking with other countries, but once the global bankers did what they did, they now had control and at the same time made the US a stand alone island.  There’s a poor country to the south and the British have their mark to the north.  We were now alone and control of US citizens took place at that moment on that day September 11, 2001.  The next event 10 years later in the year 2011 there was another 9/11 event.  It was subtle, but it was established.  The execution of the last honest federal judge on January 8, 2011.  Gabrielle Giffords, I’m told by my source credible or not, was an incidental.  None the less it happens that on that day the right to bear arms using the mental health care protocol in which the “ObamaCare” as it is lovingly termed began the wheel turning to remove The Constitution and Bill of Rights from American Citizens.  This is the document that insures our safety from tyranny.

Hoover Dam is ear marked for demolition on:

May 6, 2020, or September 11, 2021

One is exactly double the days between the WTC disaster and the Safeway shooting in Tucson, Az., and the other exactly one decade into the future.

We have seven years to do something to stop this event.

The methodology I used to calculate this revealing figuring is this:

On September 11, 2001 at one minute before 10:00am the South Tower began to collapse.  A decade later with 3,407 days in between on January 8, 2011 at 10 minutes after 10am on a Saturday, the 2nd 9/11 occurred in Tucson, Arizona.  The symbolic date was January, or 1  +  8  =  9  and  11.   If we calculate one decade of days forward what happens is that 3,900 days later (leap years factored), the marker ends at September 11, 2021.  This happens to be a Saturday and the time, 10am.  Jared Lee Loughner spent too much time in the bathroom installing earplugs.  Going another distance of 10 years we see that it is again January 8, 2031 and lands on a Wednesday, is 3,407 days from January 8, 2011, we find a date of May 6, 2020.  NASA wants to drive to Mars by 2020

I kept it simple.

snc-4-21-2012_html_3343e82dIf there is a trend in decade increments involving twisted major events that do something lethal to the liberty of the people contained within these borders, then in 2021 a major black operation would be a reasonable, well logical marker of an episode so prolific that martial law and a complete militarization of the borders will take place.  If in 2021 Hoover Dam is breached, then there is no way water can be fed into Imperial Valley’s agricultural paradise.  This will cripple all agriculture and California and Arizona’s food supply will become non existent.



snc-4-21-2012_html_7b6b6a57At this time it is unknown if the US Mexican border will be locked down before something as unusual as a broken hydroelectric power plant happens.  It would appear that seven years from today of this writing that this would be a reasonably thought through time.  The reason I have is that the federal building and rail infrastructure has not even begun.  A neo-Nazi transportation system by rail must be laid into the dirt of this nation before any destructive action as big as the Hoover Dam going away.  I felt that by 2018 their would be a projected completion of projects other than making trains the only transportation option.



train-pat-tilmanFor decades we have seen the commercial airline industry go from downhill to downstream.  We see more chemtrail jets than do airliners.  The implementation of TSA and more and more inconveniences, rather, annoyances, have become downright violations of privacy.  The insult goes even further with what happens when a luxury liner accident.  In the case of the Carnival Cruise liner “Triumph” it is clear that the protocols to keep people safe and feces free is not in the books.

sns-photos-stranded-carnival-cruise-ship-20130-015 In fact that incident was an entirely different case that the public is aware.  The design of this media farse was to make clear around the world that travel by boat was not safe.  Those folks with their children should have been evacuated on day one of what I believe to be an arson.  They used false pretenses to keep them on the ship for a week which was appalling.  They used insurance liability.  Like the British Petroleum spill in the Gulf of Mexico in which no country with their clean up crews could enter the Gulf to help, they would not allow independent ships of any sort, civilian or commercial, to help save those people from the corporate injustice.

I covered the Tucson, Arizona trolley project simply because Gabrielle Giffords was involved.  And it was the Safeway Shooting (Congress on your corner massacre) that dovetailed into the railway system I had already known about since 2005.


Related Articles and Videos

At the 15:35 marker, I talk about a segment in the film Hunger Games: Catching Fire in which there is a brief montage that depicts what it would look like if Hoover Dam is destroyed. 


This video demonstrates the incredibly advanced technology used to create very realistic animated visuals on objects.  A spacewar would need a back drop and is project Cloverleaf, or chemtrailing with aerial plumbs dispersed from secret government aircraft, is all about.  The blanketing of our atmosphere with materials that would act as a projection screen for anything that is projecting to it.

. . .

Chapter 1


Just Where did the Towers Go?


Dr. Judy Wood’s path was a mission just as mine.  Both of us participating in the most extraordinary ways each with a similar desire to find the truth in its entirety.  While I have not met her, I see her on videos and have scanned her work knowing full well I there are similarities and differences.  Regardless of the differences, there is a paradigm of thought.  “Just where does shit go when it involves the unknown?”.

There is the perplexing question to know where those Trade Towers went.  In her analysis, they did not fall to the ‘foot print’ as is thought by all of us before she rationalized that the buildings simply vanished.  But, there was something I noted from all the questions that prevail.  It wasn’t even a question, but one with an answer.  “The steel wasn’t shipped to China as they said.  It was a red herring to mislead the public into thinking there was a building left when really there wasn’t”.

I know that the event was executed in a Stargate in which the buildings would take their exit out a doorway into outer space or somewhere on this planet.  It dawned on me that the materials from that building would become recycled.  There wasn’t just steel, but copper, gold, platinum, and the various other precious metals from computers and building infrastructure that was taken away.  I’m not clear if the buildings, if they did go would be intact, or obliterated as rubble.  What I do know is that the material could be recycled.  What if the steel did go to a place such as China and then be recycled?


The transportation system in the US.

I mentioned that our transportation system will eventually be by railroad.  What is needed to build the rail infrastructure are rails to be laid throughout this vast country.  We cannot forget the other countries.  The clue of this great transition comes from the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.  The clues we see are both the downsizing of our airline and luxury liner industries.  What has not happened yet is the severe crippling of the auto industry.  Making cars is something off shored now, but we still enjoy driving around, but that may end soon.  It is the system by rails that will be our destined future.

This means that there is a need for easy to come by steel.  What easier way to procure this commodity than by taking two massive buildings?  Dr. Wood shows how much steel were in them from her research.  So, perhaps the material really was off shored to, say, China in order to manufacture steel rails to be brought back and laid into the grid pattern of the Nazi style system that emulated the 1940’s Germany.  An interesting complexity of thought, but to me this sounds plausible.

Meanwhile, those buildings were vaults containing valuable precious metals and were stolen as well.


Project Pegasus

Andrew Basiago is on a quest affording mankind the opportunity to save itself by taking back technology from the power elites and putting it to use that restores our world to an original condition In the late 60’s, Andrew Basiago, a six year old ‘Chrononaut’ takes time jumps with his father, a Pegasus scientist.  Today, “Andy” stakes his claim that our current president and Regina Dugan, who once headed DARPA were part of his jump team.  He described to me the technology used as he remembered it, but I feel the program obviously has advanced after four decades.  This would be enough to pull off the disappearing act of 2001. When I first met Andrew by phone, he had asked that I help in his campaign for Presidency.  I felt honored.  I also was overwhelmed with a feeling that I would be devoted to protecting and serving someone who also wanted change.  The problem with me, however, is that I want to fix everything and not focus on one thing just to promote time travel.

It is appropriate now to speak of local and time travel.  If the Trade Tower material was transported locally with the assumption that the event that took place on September 11, 2001 is a magicians trick, then this was not a Stargate.  It would have to have been the technology used that had advanced from the Project Pegasus days beginning in the mid Twentieth Century.

When I decided that Hoover Dam would eventually be targeted, if my calculations with the Pat Tillman Mike O’Callahan bypass bridge were correct, I would make my call to Andrew Basiago and ask his opinion.  He contemplated, but neither denied nor accepted it.  I could only propose the configuration I knew, but did not have all the details I’ve since accumulated and ascertained.  To date, I’m not sure to approach him with my new ideas.  Too many doors shut.  I have to keep mine open, however so as to solve this problem.  Andrew was just a boy at the time he was involved and his knowledge of the technologies cease after his last jump as a young man.

There are some things he told me that are fundamentals in which I think about what happened to the Trade Towers.  If elected president in 2016, Andy says that his desire as a president of the United States would be to take the time portal technology and put it to good commercial use.  One can think a vast array of applications.  For instance, transporting seasonal food to another location far away at another season set for any time of the year whatever year one wishes.  Good enough.  It means that there is an excellent ambition for a president.  The problem is that I don’t believe that would be possible.  The reason, few if any (I think of two people.. Jonathan Kleck and myself), who are firm that they’ll kill Hoover Dam.  At that point, there is no turning back.  Fortunately, my prediction for this to occur is in the year 2021 after a supposed presidency with Andrew Basiago at the helm.  That may not happen either for the reason that the powers wouldn’t want him to find out that Barack Obama and his puppeteers knows that Hoover Dam is a machine of either travel or time bomb.

I asked Andrew what he thought of Trade tower fiasco.  If my memory serves me, he answered the conventional way which follows the government report on the matter.


Dr. Judy Wood

Some people feel they are being more scientific when they use the name of a known technology to describe unknown phenomena, but the opposite is true. Such an approach omits evidence that does not fit any known technology. For some people, the term “HAARP” or the term “scalar weapons” or the term “Nazi Bell” is used as a catch- all weapon that can be blamed for whatever evidence needs to be explained, like the 11 ultimate “boogieman,” and without their even knowing what these weapons can do. … I have tried to focus on the phenomena, not on a trendy name of a particular technology. The evidence must come before the theory. It is understanding what the technology can do that matters, not the name of it. For these reasons, I have resisted the impulse to name a known technology and instead have focused on the physical evidence.”  Dr. Judy Wood

Dr. Judy Wood having performed the arduous task as I using reverse engineering for two very different circumstances, there is a difference when looking at a before matter, like I did, and an aftermath as she.  Dr. Wood had to use empirical means while I had to not only consider empirical, but theory and pure logic.  The two of us come from similar backgrounds in engineering.  I have a design and styling degree “Industrial Design” from California State University at Long Beach.  The principle methodology of thought was ‘form follows function’.  I looked at the form to back engineer how the function of destruction would occur.  At first of course my focus was to see how a disaster would not happen and found that the dam could be a Stargate.  Dr. Wood was finding out how a design could be destroyed the way it did by looking at the mess.

My approach had to be both empirical and ride on the fringes of lunacy.  I mean, I had to really think outside the box.  It means having to look at what cannot be seen as well as what is obscurred by the secret societies that orchestrate these bizarre events. My mind has an extraordinary ability to think forwards, sideways, up and down and every which way to arrive at the answer to a riddle.  I’m a puzzler as I tell people in interviews.  I feel I can decode most anything that is not a language although the Voynich Manuscript is a desirable job I’d like to find time to do.  Dr. Wood had to look at everything for what it was.  Otherwise, the confusion dictated by indoctrination into the media mind control and the terminology that lays the ground work for catch all concepts and so forth makes for a confusing study.  I had to look at the confusion for sometimes that results with a solution.  I’m a theorist, but that must begin my training in the subjects I’m not trained nor aware of.  Usually, I don’t know anything until I get my feet wet and by the time I’m educated, I know most all of it.

Dr. Judy Wood and I are identical when it comes to the sheer power in the unique ways in which we think.  We are both attempting to make sense out of it all.  We do, however have alternative approaches.  So, I’m siding with her by saying that I won’t even bother with the meaning of the word “empirical”.  I can’t for if I do, I won’t arrive at an answer.  Incidentally, and this is no foul, her book did not answer the question as to where those towers went.  That is where I come in for the resolve.  After all, I’m a puzzler.

An example is when I was on a radio show the same week as two world experts on the topic of the trophoblastic thesis of cancer.  Dr. David Jubb Dr. David Jubb, a neurobehavioral physiologist, a microspocist, a blood formation specialist and an expert in Lifefood nutrition and Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, who authored the Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer, were both on early in the week while I was scheduled for Thursday.  No way I said to myself when the first aired on Monday.  “How can Patrick Timpone do that to me?”  Then I looked at the schedule and there was Nicolas Gonzales who just published a book on the topic I guess of the week.  Oneradio Network never did that before and I was stunned.  Well, there they were talking shop about the subject and I just wanted to walk away.  I noticed something though.  I didn’t understand a cotton picking thing each were saying.  Nicolas I could because at least he was following the guidelines and the other, well, I just won’t say anything.  I realized that I knew infinitesimally more than each put together for the reason I’m the first in the world to know what pregnancy nausea is all about and that I stunned somebody who took it as a threat from the hCG something or other that I found the links to cancer.  So, I felt I shouldn’t back out and just talk about that instead.

What happened was that I explained what the thesis was and how it related to the hCG diet and pregnancy nausea.  The next thing I knew, I received a call from the producer of Patrick’s show saying that people called in to thank me for being on.  One said that what I brought was fresh and vitally important and most of all that I made sense.  I’m not patting myself on the back, well maybe a little, but the idea here is to show that I don’t play around with theories.  I make use of them and find solutions that make sense.  I used empirical methodology to deflate the intent of very large corporations..

I am able to go from medical issues to large scale crime investigations, attack on corporations to emergency medical technician and then bounce into sniffing out ancient civilizations and pyramids without even a blink because it is all the same thing.  The reason is I was trained to do so as a design stylist and engineer.  From kitchen appliances to automobiles it didn’t matter.  Same thing. The answer to any problem is always the most obvious and simplest.  This is why the secret societies hide everything in plain sight.  But I can see now for I am not indoctrinated into the systems of deception as Dr Wood expresses when she says that the terminology has no significance to what one sees, feels and touches.  It’s just that I go beyond the five senses.

What this means is that when a person like Maxwell Jordan is too busy to analyze a cryptic masonic symbol never seen before, I’ve got to do it.  This happened when I sent Kerry Cassidy the symbol for Radian-Helix Entertainment Group out of Catalina, Arizona who was implicated in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.  The logo was highly unusual, but I knew it had a secret society attachment plus the fact radian and helix are two words that are found in the occult dictionaries.  I was desperate.  Because I felt there was little time with the search for truth in the case in which Jared Lee Loughner was the suspected shooter, I worked hard for Stephanie Sledge of the Governmentrag.  She didn’t ask for these favors, but I was equally interested in solving the crime.

I never heard back from Kerry who forwarded the logo to Maxwell and he charges just to be on the phone.  As a reminder to myself, this was just one of thousands of times I never hear from people or get calls or acknowledgements.  When I got back to calling Kerry who said that Maxwell may be busy I just said forget it.  I brought that back up on my computer and worked it until I got it.  It took two hours, but I got it.  In fact, I really got it because it was much more than just one thing.  It was three dimensional and a mirror image.  Maxwell couldn’t have done that.  Furthermore, the eye of Horus on the pyramid?  It’s not an eye.  It happens to be a gateway portal.


Materials Heist


Chapter 2


The Occult


William Poundstone’s “Bigger Secrets” contained the answer for Copperfield’s vanishing Liberty illusion.  Copperfield had a setup of two towers on a stage, supporting an arch to hold the huge curtain that would be used to conceal the statue. The TV cameras and the live audience only saw the monument through the arch. When the curtains closed, David waxed poetic while the stage was … slowly … and imperceptibly … turned. When the curtains opened, the statue was hidden behind one of the towers, and the audience was looking out to sea. Voila! The Statue of Liberty has disappeared!  Even if the stage hadn’t completely hidden the statue, the towers were so brightly lit that the audience would be night blinded. Copperfield had also set up two rings of lights–one around Liberty, and another set up somewhere else. When the trick “happened,” his assistants simply turned off the lights around the statue and turned on the other set for the helicopters to circle around.  Oh–the radar blip? It was simply video game animation.

David Copperfield is a magician who has made very large objects appear to vanish in thin air before rather large audiences.  His magic show on on April 8, 1983 in which he created the illusion to make disappear the Statue of Liberty was, to the layman, awesome.  The trick was recorded by various means from the audience and television cameras, helicopter and radar.  In the case of Hoover Dam, this will not be so.



I had first learned of Jonathan Kleck’s discovery that symbolic signatures pointed very damningly at Hoover.  There were three significant finds.  First, by folding the fifty dollar bill one sees quite vividly and not just clearly that water is flowing over the crest of a what really looks like the dam and its water towers and canyon walls that flank the dam.  Based on the carbon copy imagery of the twin towers on a folded twenty, I was convinced then and there.  Since the twenty dollar bill had gone through changes as the design of the twenty dollar bill was upgraded, it was easy to see a progression of the event in the degree of smoke from the towers.

Incidentally, the disappearing monuments and structures represent the shut down of the current monetary and Federal Reserve system.

Kleck pointed out the symbolic references to the human genome project in Oskar J.W. Hansen’s sculpture at the dam.  And he was right.  There are others and one can view them at his website and youtubes, but I had to take the project into hyper mode to find them all.  This dam had been designed to be a Stargate as I saw it at the time, and may very well still be, and felt that because there was much to do with astrological references to the stars there was a need to investigate for clues which would lead to answers regarding the time and day this would happen.  At the time though, I was either debunking or proving the theory.  I was back and forth.  but each time I made a connection between one or another item, or several, I would be lead back to the original.  This did not happen over night and I remember making presentations on it naming it by the article “A Stargate is Bron” and now a parody on Judy’s book “Dam, where did it go?”  I won’t let it get to where I’d have to write that one.

As I progressed, my ideas were becoming strong arguments against the dam being destroyed, instead, I hoped this thing would be a travel portal, wormhole, Earthgate, stargate, very large jump room, whatever.  I’m like Judy Wood.. I don’t like names.  So, I settled on Stargate because people identify with that.  What I really want to call it is a shipping portal for the reason things can be sent elsewhere on earth, or inner earth if one wants to go there.  A stargate is a label that says it’s exactly where something goes if it’s sent through the portal entry.  Does it go up or down?  This one was horizontal, not vertical as we see the big “Ring of Life” gate in Fushun, China’s.


A Stargate is Born

I realized the the Pat Tillman Mike O’Callahan bypass bridge shared the same radius as Hoover Dam.  The blueprint for the dam stunned me as I would never had thought that it was one third of a circular arc, not an oval shape.  If it is, it’s of little concern because whatever it was they’d make, it would not require the dam other than for support.  The bypass bridge is a single span sharing the same radius, roughly by eyeballing it, and it is modular in two parts.  All together when assembled into a ring layed horizontally makes a circular portal.  The rest of the bridge parts would be used to support the ring in place.

I made my call to Andrew Basiago in search of his opinion.  I needed to confirm if what I was seeing was capable of being what I called then a Stargate.  He wasn’t so sure.  But I did meet Andrew and have maintained a distant relationship since and had met him in Phoenix.  In Phoenix, I didn’t talk to him, however.  I listened.  I did ask questions during his presentations, but that was it.  The reason of the was to hear what others had to say and his answers as well as the fact I didn’t know him all that well enough to rub shoulders.  I knew where he stood with this and didn’t want to rock the boat.

I studied Hoover Dam and the bypass bridge carefully and visited as a tourist would in the middle of May when I attended the Super Soldier Conference in Henderson, Nevada.  A long story there about MILAB abductions and me being kicked out of the conference for trying to bring the solution for mind control to the soldiers, but I did go and find interesting ways to view what I couldn’t see.  I met Tyler Clark, a super soldier with the ability to astral project.  His forte and liking was to project into the DUMBS around the country.  I knew that Hoover Dam has an underground base based on seizmic readings and other people’s testimony, but I needed to know if Hoover Dam actually had something called “AllSpark”.  This would be in the form of a cube just like in the movie Transformers of 2007.

Unfortunately Tyler had better things to do.  But during our time together, Tyler helped me understand many things no people really know about secret missions, the workings of the occult and much more.  Mostly, we talked about his stuff.  When we talked about my stuff, it was during the interviews I did with him and James Rink, another super.  But it was Tyler I was most interested in because he had an in and I didn’t.  I couldn’t even get the USGS, park service, tour guide specialists that seem to know everything that the books don’t, to help me get the true dimensions I needed from the dam and the bridge.   I had to put the hunt into hibernation and move on until something returned.  I did put the word out.  I lack patience and work hard on it.  Sometimes very hard.  Not getting what I want when I want it pays off many times though because in this case, I met Barbara seven months later just when it was right to find real answers to real issues.   She astral projected for me and found what I needed.  It was a diagram that correlates to something unusual.

Hi Andy and happy new year to you too..
Thank you for the reply and I respect your opinion completely.   The only person I have left would be Dr. Judy Wood and that would be going vertical for me.  If someone can get her attention for me I’d be okay.  She is the one in my opinion who accurately sized up what happened in 2001 regardless of all opinions.  She is like me… If you email saying that I would like to speak to her, then you’ll have successfully gotten me off your back!!

Her email is and or  I’d use both.  I’m an unknown, but you have clout.  Lee

In case you’d like to know more about me…

Just to say something about the media outlets, Lisa Lyons wouldn’t have me on when I proved that the monuments of the Grand Canyon were not natural (nobody in the world had thought to line up the ORION star system to it) and the public doesn’t listen other than for entertainment.. There are many other instances and with most all of the other shows regarding all that I’ve done.  You only know me for the Hoover Dam issue.  I had hoped to spend time with you so that you know my work, but I’m not published on these matters nor will any of them let me get on stage at conventions.  Funny, I even tried to jump a stage at the UFO Congress last year.  That, my friend, was my first bad move.  You’re not aware but I solved the Aurora and Giffords operations hands down.  I would so much like to share this with you one day.  But getting it out there was a threat to my life and the NSA has shut down my websites.

I took this very seriously looking at it as a national threat and wanting to stop it.  If I was one of your constituents if you were the president and begged you to listen but you didn’t and an event as I described happened, honestly, how would you address it?  Would you tell anyone I came to you?  But I’m done now with the study Andrew and it’s on the table for anyone to look at.  There is a prediction date on it and it correlates also with the astrological data that had been embedded in Oskar’s sculpture and charts at the dam.  It’s all there.  The date is September 11, 2021 at 10am in the morning.  If only you could go again through a portal, you’ll see.

I know that there are millions of people dependent on this matter.  I think it’s the entire US because that dam supplies water for the crops.  If that ends, so too does our food supply.  Yes, I came to you.  I did so because you’re a man of knowledge and integrity with your work.  You keep dignified and you’re brilliant.  If I were working for you, I’d do whatever it would take to accomplish a task and protect and preserve.  This idea you have for using the technology you are familiar is one that I share with you.

Regardless whether that dam is earmarked to be something else doesn’t matter.  It’s the safety of this very country I’m concerned with.  I investigated the assassination of the last honest judge in this country, Judge John McCarthy Roll.  He was in the federal litigation case the EPA had against over 300 corporations worldwide which had to do with toxic dumping.  The case was 8 years running when he was killed on January 8, 2011.  Because it was so big and too much money was at stake if they had to pay out what I estimated as a 150 billion dollar class action suit, many of those companies would have suffered or folded.  Bher Brown for example paid their attorneys a million dollars a day when Lloyds flew them out from London to work here in Tucson when they did.  Eight years.  So, they had quite a bit to protect.  Here I was exploiting their matters and they didn’t like that very much.  The judge was killed most likely over this case, but more so for what we heard in the news.  Thing is, I implicated big business for having a hand in setting up a patsy just like all the other assassinations.  JFK is one of them.

But things like finding the cure for vitiligo, hep C, beating the top dogs on the subject of cancer on the thesis’s they publish (and have credentials to back them up) and most of all, finding enough evidence to prove the Hoover Dam thing is important to me enough that I ask someone like you for a little help.  The George Noory’s and Alex Jones and all of them really are shills Andy.  They don’t know any better.  I am the best there is and know it because I’m the one completely shut out.  When that local Seattle News station did what they did to you, I was pissed.  I even wrote an article to debunk them for you and I know you don’t want a PR, but I did it anyway without saying anything.  It’s how I am.  I protect people because we can’t do this all alone.  There has to be a time for a convergence of minds.

I see that you say I should scout out the public through the maintstream underground.  It just hasn’t worked and believe me, I’ve tried.  It’s why in one email to you I say that I’m tired and have come to an end.

So anyway Andrew, I won’t seek your advice now that I know you need space and that I need to go vertical 🙂


On Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at 4:06 PM, “Andrew D. Basiago” <> wrote:

Lee, To be sure, with 8 million people dependent on it, it is a major terrorist or inside job target. Suggestion:  In 2014, go vertical, stop going horizontal. What do I mean? Well, in the case of your research on Hoover Dam, don’t take it to me, I’m just another talking head. Take it to George Noory. In your communications to me, I am struck by the fact that you are relating to people horizontally who in a sense make up your competition. Break out of this pattern. Be the biggest expression of yourself that you can be.  In 2014, stop asking for validation from the validated. Seek it instead from the professional gate keepers and the public. Happy New Year! Go for it! Andy 
On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 8:17 PM, <> wrote:

I didn’t want to breach privacy by chance it would affect you.   For me, self recognition is not important if that is what you meant to convey.  I care for people.. I hope I didn’t offend you. 

I wanted so much to debunk Jonathan Kleck’s prediction that Hoover Dam was to be demolished.  After all this time Andy, and all the research I’ve conducted over the years, I find that he’s right.   I spent 24/7 on it all and it wasn’t just the folding a 50 dollar bill and looking at occultic art work as Jonathan did in a day.  I really did do the work and it wasn’t easy.

It is hard to believe, but all my hard evidence as well as circumstantial fits.  My wish is to stop those sinister wheels from turning.   I realize most people, perhaps yourself, will disregard the research I’ve done.  I’m prepared for that.  I’m also immensely frightened for this country.

If you are interested in knowing I’d be happy to explain why it is Hoover Dam is earmarked for destruction.  I’ll describe how it will be done too.  While it sounds like a theory of the conspiracy nature, it really is not.   If nothing ever happens, I’m a fool and happy to be one for what I think the reason is is so devastating I’m not thrilled.  It’s the particular agenda behind it that is important to have knowledge of. 

I hope your New Year yields good things.  Mine, I’m not so sure as I’m tired now having come to an end to that research.. incidentally just today I finally received the prospective date when this catastrophic event will take place.  Let me know…


Andrew D. Basiago
Team Leader
Project Pegasus
P.O. Box 2311
Vancouver, WA 98668

(360) 980-4100


Chapter 3


How will this dam be made to disappear?

Kip S. Thorne, The Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at California Institute of Technology back in the 1970’s theorized that a near earth roving worm hole would lead to the star system, Vega.  This concept was used in the film Contact starring Jodie Foster.  Once I saw that the movie was based on something very real, and the secret society of Hollywood tells the truth in film, I knew that the machine in Contact had its significant relevance to Hoover Dam.  I knew then that the dam was either the machine and that it could send a weapon of mass destruction, like the Hadron Collider if it was twisted up like a ball instead of in it’s current expansive configuration.  It would be similar to coiling up your sun blocking visor for your car for convenient storage.


This is the introduction to the documentary “Predicting The Next 9/11 At Hoover Dam”.



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