Mass MILAB Abduction, the other side

In the middle of May, 2013, a mass military abduction took place at a conference in Nevada


This event carried no media hype ‘weight’ for not one person would or could analyze the crime in depth.  That is until now.  As prolific as the human abduction case was, there were no guarantees that people would be safe from another military intrusion on personal lives in which conference attendees and speakers who were involved last year are returning this year for the Super Soldier Summit III this May.


An original release of the analysis of the abduction event was flagged on youtube for copyright infringement within 36 hours of posting.  It meant that the truth was told and that all that felt that their rights were violated in fact could not refute anything that was covered.  The counter suit to theirs would have been as severe because I was threatened with unwarranted arrest.  This revised documentary does not violate the original infringement nor fair use laws.  If any of them flag it, it means that I’m spot on with the results of my investigation into  fraud and deception and the potential trap for conference attendees in 2014.  Many of the attendees for the second conference did not attend the 2014 event.  .


I brought a solution for people suffering from covert CIA mind control conditioning

Troll Triad is an ipredator sub-construct defining how groups of online users who are working as a team to target other online users, have different rolls and functions in the Troll Triad.

This mind control is severe, but reversible.  I was outcast, labeled as a “stalker” and considered a terrorist.  Ultimately, I was prevented from helping those that continue to suffer from deep emotional trauma revolving around a life style of psychological chaos.  This documentary explains what happened and shows why it is important that the difference can be seen with those in denial and those that have hope.  My desire is to help supersoldiers regardless of how I was treated at this conference in which I was threatened with lawsuits, expulsion, and banned from upcoming conferences organized by the event organizer and three unapologetic antagonists.  The Super Soldier Summit is a great example in which a complex problem that permeates all those who attend can be subverted with an effective emotion freedom technique.  As of now, people who were subjects of last year’s abduction and who continue to be invaded in their private lives have no defense against a potential intrusion and abduction protocol I predict may happen once again this year.  Therefore, I’m reaching out once again, but from a distance since I’m uninvited, to provide them with a tool that helps to defend against these controlling entities.



Supporters of the 2014 Super Soldier & Mind Control Summit flagged the video predecessor to the video that follows below. It does not infringe on copyright ownership which was the only way they can currently prevent you from learning truths beyond other interviews that took place at the Fiesta Hotel and Casino.  It demonstrates the reality as to what occurred at the conference behind the scenes and what dynamics played a part is misconceptions about innocent attendees.




  1. zingo97 said:

    What happened to the vidz?

    • Lorien Fenton with others are denying you access to it by flagging my Vimeo account. Email me at or and I’ll send you the password. The video was effective in eventually shutting down their conference in its current format. You’ll notice that there are no supersoldiers attending, and yet, there are experts about them… merely talking heads and no more. It is why they don’t want the exposure from my film out there as it explains the fraud. Otherwise, zingo, Fenton wouldn’t have a problem with it. She’d laugh it off by calling me a lying shill… it can’t be done and is impossible and is why she accuses everyone but me. Her only recourse was to take combative action without asking me personally to remove it. Which I would have and told her so since it was only intended for them to see and an act of admission that she was wrong when asking me personally. The same goes for circumventing me directly with Vimeo without explaining that I didn’t violate privacy because her conference is made public. She dialed “911” to Vimeo (or youtube like last time) like all cowards do.

      • zingo97 said:

        Thanks for the response. I did manage to watch this video on Vimeo though, and also the Michael Prince regression that James took down. Sucks you had to go through that crap.

  2. Arcania said:

    Be careful of Stewart Swerdlow who is a programmer and handler and very dangerous person. He stalks and remote views and activates your programs in the mental matrix. Deprogramming with him leaves most of his clients in a totally triggered state. He is gathering the Monarchs for possession by astral entities.. Don’t go there!

    • Hi Arcania, Thank you for your thoughts on Stewart. I had tried to speak with him when I realized I had a solution for successfully deprogramming the mind controlled. My intention was to freely share it so that he could be successful. Since he wants just under $500.00 for the privilege of ‘stealing’ his time, I backed off immediately. He wouldn’t take my call… so be it. I now had proof that he’s nothing more than a revenue generating scammer like the rest… I caught the fraud right there. He means well, but as you know Arcania, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and because money is involved, it pretty much is how people sell out to the dark side of humanity. Swerdlow is no stranger to the deception.

      I’d like you to know that there is a solution. It is a pre-treatment in which therapies like his and all the rest then become effective. It’s what needs to occur first, and then all the existing therapies that address the problem from the middle on up work. They all believe they’re starting from the ground up, but if that was so, we’d not have problems in which people continue to be troubled having never truly overcome psychological problems. Don’t be fooled because I learned it first as a treatment for the most difficult psychological problem there is. It took years to understand that it’s the same treatment for most everything including exorcisms. It’s what they did for thousands of years before the instructions were bastardized by the Catholic Church.

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