Dental analysis proves Gabrielle Giffords is not a clone

Comparing Gabby’s teeth before and after Jan 8, 2011

comparison teethIndependent Investigators claim without merit that former Democratic Rep., Gabrielle Giffords is a replacement.  Short of asking Gabby, who in a Bill of Rights reversal campaigning against American gun rights freedoms, for permission to compare her dental records to her teeth, a visual comparison using before and after images of her top and lower teeth are conclusive that the same woman who was injured the first week of 2011 is the same woman today.

The difference with our activist is…

Giffords was physically mind controlled to reverse her position regarding your gun ownership privacy.  Her body and face has filled out and no longer lean, however, her characteristic markers and measurable biometrics remain undeniably unchanged.


NWOCSI is currently developing a documentary that addresses the media psyops and planned operation referred to as the Safeway Shooting, but documented by the official report as “Operation Safeway”.


Giffords roll

Judge John McCarthy Roll and Gabrielle Giffords had close ties and similar allegiances were friends during the time when Roll had an interest in reversing the unconstitutional Brady Bill Act.  Congress made sure the Brady Bill reversal would not officially be enacted, however, Gabrielle Giffords was at one time on the same page as Judge Roll and plaintiff, Richard Mack, but is now dead set on adding to the very Bill her friend found unconstitutional more restrictions and invasions to gun owner’s privacy and usage rights.




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