Michael Vara of LNM Radio Network is no exception.  Vara accuses many people with defamation actions.  Because he practices what trolls are said to do, he therefore is a troll.  In his case, he uses his show to showcase his contrived opinions classifying him as an Internet Media Troll.  He portrays himself as one who is honorable, but that is the furthest from reality.  He instigates fights with anyone he feels threatened by.


I decided to have fun, but not make fun of, Michael Vara and his co-host, Ryan Gable because I finally realized they are not serious about what they say about truthers like myself.  Instead, I now know that they had no ill sentiment or intention with degrading me.  It was all in fun “Truthers Unite”!  In reality this first posting by Michael Vara depicting two people’s heads superimposed on, something, was a miserable, but interesting poke.  I had to better it, however, in the most clever way possible.  My hope is that the innocent contest continues to see which side in the end wins.  As of now, reports coming in say that I’m in the lead!

Both Michael Vara and co-host, Ryan Gable, had what they considered fun making fun of Dr. Michael Nuccitelli.  The humiliation was benign considering the childlike approach to news reporting without formal grounds was absurd, lead me to finally decide that no matter how many times I’d ask, Vara would not pull his slanderous material from his website nor 12160 and other news venues.

(Above) Vara published this image in his private for subscribers only Facebook page and his website.  This happened at a time he was being asked to remove slanderous remarks and material where ever it was posted.  The same was asked to Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane.  None complied and when I said I’d like to shut down their website, I have no power in doing so.  But, I do have the power of winning arguments in which I can convince people to leave his show.  Is this a lawsuit brewing.  Sure.  Will he win.  The answer is no for the reason no judge would ever grant him a winning suit.  Not now nor ever.  If I’m considered a threat, then Mario Peralez, Vara’s prized minion of the LNM chat rooms had threatened both Nuccitelli and I with a death threat that Vara denies, but is stored in the Facebook backups which would come out as evidence, and implicate Vara just as Charlie Manson for his 1st degree murder, so would Vara for supporting death threats.

Troll Hunters vs News Media Trolls

I decided to level myself to their playing field and simply have fun with a piece entitled “Troll’s courtesy reach around”.

“A Troll’s Courtesy Reach Around”

Media Trolls Vara and Gable courtesy reach aroundAbout both images:  LNMs was analyzed as one in which two people are one in the same Troll.  Dr. Nuccitelli is considered the ‘Head” of a conspiring twosome while mine represents the private parts.  What I gather is that I have been given the honor of having the balls to confront Vara and his regime while the doctor calls the shots.  The opposite is true.  My photo represents a troll, Shrek, who resides next to a swamp isolated and unto his own with no interest in humanity around him.  Shrek’s only contact is when he is forced to venture away from his obsession with swamp life.  Like Michael Vara, he at the time of his postings lived for years in a trailer park.  “Trailer trash?”  He wouldn’t be if he was nice to people and didn’t beg for money.  Ryan, just a kid really, is plainly an ass.   Michael Vara introduced me to Michael Nuccitelli with a threat writing to me saying, “I’ve had it… I’m calling on ipredator to deal with a troll like you”.  Once I called Dr. Nuccitelli, we became instant friends.

mike vara looks like a trollMeanwhile, Vara claims that we have worked together before during and after he tripped over his intellect thinking we were cointelpro agents working under the illumination of the secret societies.  Such is the words of a neurotic paranoid delusionalist.  Not only is the image of Shrek with Michael Vara’s likeness appropriate for the agenda and claim that others are ‘trolls’, but a mirror of the man.  Like the swamp and isolation, so too does Vara practice avoidance of social life.  Vara’s side kick, Ryan Gable, is groomed for Vara’s lemming in which both bathe themselves in the same deprecation of self-serving actions.

Is fighting fire with fire healthy?

Low self-esteem out weighed by narcissism ego and pride, what better way than to fight fire with fire just this one time demonstrating who is the most clever of when propaganda is engaged with?  Most would say, “you’re a better man if you don’t lower yourself to their level”.  The reader should form their opinion based on research, however, people just don’t make those calls.  My number is 520-390-6267Ryan Gable minionCall me for my side, then call Mr. Vara for his.  Then call me again and ask more questions based on what he says.  Then follow up with him. If not satisfied,  ask to talk to his partners and show minions.  In the end and in this case the reader, perhaps it will be yourself, will have conducted genuine research gathering information directly from both sides to form an opinion.   It’s all in fun.  Mike and Ryan laughed while on their show at defenseless people while on air live about their photoshop savvy and so too shall I.   We’re even and therefore fighting against the NWO while at the same time playing in the same sandbox with friendly intentions.


The Troll Triad Paradigm

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The rationale for including financial supporters to Michael Vara of LNM Radio Network, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, is to compile an official record of evidence presenting their sensationalized fear based protocols. This includes defamatory, slanderous and deceptive practices.

The TROLL TRIAD was authored to inform online users about online users who use internet defamation, libel and slander to control, manipulate and squelch others driven by needs for power and control or personal and financial gain.

Troll Triad is not just about media trolls, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane & Michael Vara who cyber attacked the doctor; it is also a concept in organized Information Age defamation, libel & slander group dynamic. The Troll Triad Paradigm is a classic definition of the roles a group portray to defame and slander innocent people and their competitors. Troll Triads use Information and Communications Technology to perpetuate their goal.


Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D is a New York State licensed psychologist and forensic consultant. He completed his doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1994 from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois. In 1997, Dr. Nuccitelli became a licensed psychologist in New York State (License # 013009.) In November 2011, Dr. Nuccitelli and his colleagues established iPredator Inc. offering educational, investigation and advisory services regarding internet predators, cyber-crime & the criminal/deviant side of cyberspace. In June 2013, Dr. Nuccitelli and iPredator Inc. launched their website, iPredator, offering site visitors an incredible amount of information, education and advisory services.

troll triad marquia


Vara admitted to snooping on his own friends. He lied at first about “Breaker” being a friend to LNM. Click below

Radio host, Michael Vara, operates a small independent internet radio show in which two opposing train of thoughts are presented.

LNM Radio Network-Michael Vara-Late Night In The Midlands-Google Plus Profile Impersonation-Online User Warning-iPredator Alert Image

One is the impression that quality guests with pertinent topics of interest in the alternative fields of concern are showcased while the other is to completely destroy credibility to other persons with similar “competing” interests. Lee Bracker is one person to have not been positively refuted by research peers for his discoveries, results of investigations and unique treatments regarding health related issues. Yet, the Triad supported by the minions of both parties, Michael Vara and the “Horokane” couple Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, as defined by Dr. Nuccitelli follow the classic argument of definitions coined by the psychologist, ‘The “Troll Triad”‘.


Mark of the Frequency Beasts

(Click Image right to view video) “As part of the human condition, we tend to embellish our attributes, both offline & online wanting to present ourselves as more prosperous, attractive and worldly. The purpose of decorating our attributes is not to abuse or victimize the recipient, but to increase our perceived worth. In the Information and within cyberspace, this innate trait has blossomed into a garden of lies.”Michael Nuccitelli 2011

Mark of the Frequency Beasts marquee

MARK OF THE FREQUENCY BEASTS when first debuted on the internet was immediately attacked by the Troll Triad. Michael Vara was the principal action taker covering for Sherri Kane who operates for Dr. Leonard Horowitz. This video above now uploaded is uploaded to for the reason the Troll Triad refuse to restore Bracker’s Vimeo account in which over 90 videos completely unrelated to Mark of the Frequency Beasts were cancelled.

Radio show host and owner of LNM Radio Network “Late Night in the Midlands” flagged the video lower right in which Michael Tellinger could not immediately recall his guest appearance the previous week on LNM. Vara is not memorable for the work he does for the reason he does not thoroughly understand any topic he has covered. Vara will not admit to any of his faults presented to him and subsequently delivered to his minions of the show latenightinthemidlands.

Kane Vara compare

This includes censorship of all that other radio show hosts and media news research journalists produce as evidence against both he and Kane’s rhetoric. In Vara’s case, his antics are indicative as he works diligently to damage control his assumed reputation as a Troll Hunter using unverified excuses – lies.

Above: Sherri Kane and Michael Vara share near identical sociopathic characteristics. Their positive aspects are reversed in which they express them negatively to a full effect. That affect anyone who they feel ‘crossed’ by. Their profiles regarding being Media Trolls are addressed with definitions through the thorough research by





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