Academy winner GRAVITY declares WWIII

“It’s not the nation’s people who are at fault, it’s the one’s prescribing their unfortunate destiny. Most all media makers are in on the end game.” – Lee Bracker

Alfonso & Jonás Cuarón’s seven academy award winning GRAVITY does not exactly say it, but they signal the ‘first shot fired’ for World War III against Russia and China with a fall of the US.  Script dialogue in an exchange between Mission Control and the astronauts explain that communications and spy satellites are systematically ‘decommissioned’ in a chain reaction.  That just doesn’t happen in a real life scenario.  The industry of space technology wouldn’t allow it to be possible.

A line of dialogue in the original final spec script was cut from the first scene in which Ed Harris, the voice  of Mission Control, said:
                        MISSION CONTROL          
          You're a go for TH1138.  Repeat You're
          a go for TH1138 procedure.

While it’s purported that the nod to George Lucas’ 1971 film THX1138 paid homage to a fellow sci-fi film director, take  notice that the plot was about what happens in a dystonian future in which we live under Martial Law.  The order was cut, but not surprising was that most of the film’s globalist message of war, who’s behind it, and the fate of mankind was placed on one page in a single scene of the speculation script.

Troll Triad is an ipredator sub-construct defining how groups of online users who are working as a team to target other online users, have different rolls and functions in the Troll Triad.

THX1138 stars Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasence and depicts a dystopian future in which the populace is controlled through android police officers and mandatory use of drugs that suppress emotion, including sexual desire.


NASA’s Kessler Syndrome

The spy and telecommunications satellites are “chain reacted” out of commission in something known as the Kessler Effect in which collisional cascading or ablation cascade was proposed by NASA in 1978. Each collision generating debris which increases the likelihood of further collisions.

But, I’m lead to believe that GRAVITY is describing a full scale war against China and Russia with the US as a casualty using deceptive ‘assumptions’ by Mission Control.  I concluded this because of the playing off of three different nations in which one is the victor.  And, it’s not the United States for the film illustrates the termination of the Shuttle Program.

I’m confused though.  If one satellite goes, how can it set off a chain reaction for a multitude of objects and then all converge on the ISS?  If you shoot one mosquito in mid air, is it going to ram into another one, and another?  Scale the area of space out 600 miles above earth… there’s a  whole hell of a lot of space between mosquitoes.


It happens that the  film is describing a full scale war

in which communications are simultaneously destroyed.  The answer supports the idea that Russia purposely sabotages the entire space program between the three major space players with exception of Japan by setting the first domino into the Kessler Syndrome of snowballing destruction.   After all, the notion it can be done goes back 36 years.  In today’s news, we’re seeing anger at Russia and sympathy towards China.  The film Elysium is Obama’s push for health care and this one is his steering of the sheeple towards their Chinese imprisonment.  Who do you think will be running FEMA concentration camps in our very own dystonian police state future?


What was sent to the International Space Station in 2011?

Not only was a mass spectrometer delivered, but also reinforcement micro meteoroid shields.  While I suspected this had to do with Planet X passing through our solar system bringing with it lots of ‘oids’, perhaps NASA had what we’ve seen in this movie in mind.  And the suspected clue that a Kessler Effect was in order makes sense that this recent protective measure comes at a time the space station is quite old.  Why hadn’t they thought of this before?


What is meant by half of North  America?

Matt’s eyes shift, watching a LARGE OBJECT, a piece of a BSE SATELLITE, 
spiral toward them.               

          Half of North America just lost their Facebook.

The USA because Canada and Mexico combined make up the other half of everything North of the Panama Canal, basically.  This war,  whatever it is to be, just might be what I’ve learned as the Russians  coming down from Canada and the Chinese up from Mexico.. why else are  they building a huge rail system with beautiful transportation corridors  south of the US and why is Alaska being negotiated for sale to the  Russians of late?

The plot makes the Chinese appear friendly  while the Russians look like half hazard neurotics for destroying their  own space toys?   Hardly.  It’s about three super powers going at it  while at the same time grooming you to think the Chinese are all right  kinds of folks. The truth is, all of our infrastructure has been sold  from under our feet and we’re going to let them waltz in and take it.   We’re not going at it at all.  We have no military that will protect  us.  We’ve been duped and that’s mostly why they are dead set on disarming us


The Old World vs the New World Order

As far as the occult message.. it happens that  the sacrifice of Clooney’s character with the survival of Bullock’s simply means the end of the old world and emergence of the new in which the female replaces the male.


References to 9/11

          Kowalsky, visual of debris at nine o’clock.                     

          Ahhhh!  Alright, check your watch. 13 hours, 
          11 minutes. Call Anatoly, tell him he's been 

13 stands for 2013.  Why are 9 o’clock and 11 minutes selected?

Are the numbers 9 and 11 arbitrary choices out of 24?  Could the script have called for anything other than 9, 11, and 13?  The seemingly benign Curon’s who wrote this script seem like such brilliant and sweet guys… come on now, 3,000 people died immediately on September 11, 2001, and an entire country lost all of it’s gold and trade and we were severed from the world on a single day.  Why keep  rubbing it in?


Because this is a knock on the door invitation to a neo 9/11 in the form of World War Three.

Interestingly,  Lake Powell is the setting for the end of film’s lake scene.  It’s video shopped into an island like paradise.  The setting mimics the false idea  conditioned into prisoners that an island refuge is waiting for those with hope similar to the theme of the film THE ISLAND.  The deception  is that Bullock’s character believes she’s free from space prison, but  has actually fallen to the new world prison nation that once was a  supposed free country.  What’s also interesting is if all the  communications satellites are wiped, what about GPS ones?  Are they gone  too based on the film?  No way.  They’ll find Sandra in no time since I  would imagine all astronauts have sub-dermal tracking implants.  Too  bad, that shoreline sure looked peaceful.


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