Revolution Radio Rabbit Hole – Deeper Than Deep

AMadPainterStunning interview with Roxy Lopez former host on Revolution Radio.  Roxy takes me on a private tour of Revolution Radio revealing what she believes to be a conspiracy against the dissemination of truth as a functioning network embedded in the seedy world aligned with a revenue generating pornography alignment in which a prominent figure in the Alien Disclosure movement is implicated.  The interview ends without the answer or disclosure as to where Lopez’s source information originates, however, a simple perusal of internet protocols and key words lead me to what I believe originated the allegations.

Aurora: Call him…he’s on the hawk’s nest and wants to talk to you.. you should call
Lee: Not live. That’s suicide.
Aurora: for you?…no way
Lee: Tell him that I’m a CSI, not a dramatist, definitely not afraid to go live, but not under this condition when I know he may be drinking. Tell him that until I’m certain he read my note on FB showing who actually created the rumor Roxy Lopez perpetuated first, then I’ll consider it. He’s not letting me go live with True Ott and I’d like permission. Thing is, he won’t give it, but want’s to invite me on his show? If not, all bets are off. I’m trying to help Hawk and all he’s interested in is defending himself as well as swearing at me. I know from the way he writes and from what you all at Revolution Radio say about him being a complete asshole. That’s what the listener gets and is not news.. it’s sensationalism, self-righteousness, and self-serving. I vindicated him on that level, but I want to roast him in his dictatorial-ship… it does not belong on radio.

I also end it by mentioning that OPEN CANVAS host, Tom Becker “A Mad Painter” took an issue that was private and publicly aired it as if it was dirty laundry.   I asked for proof whether I was being considered for review as an upcoming host for Revolution Radio, he refused to give it, and called me a nuisance.  After that, Mike Ringley used his action against me as an excuse to ban me from Revolution Radio.  The result, a quaint chat with Roxy Lopez who lovingly said she’d lie about ever having met me with the claim that I have an addiction to crack cocaine.   This is exactly what LNM radio show host Michael Vara did to me.  As you will note, both parties make up stories when retaliating against truthers.  The primary aggravation for Mike Ringley was Eugene Sonny Irvin, and website administrator, Kimberlee Schultz, not Lee Bracker or Roxy Lopez.  If Tom Becker so much as say my name or reference me in any way shape or form on his show 2/2/2015, I will release audio tape recordings of our conversation what he says negatively about Mike Ringley, but would never tell him face to face.

 Audio only:   Revolution Radio Rabbit Hole – Deeper Than Deep






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