Robert Bassano Disclosing fraud - NASA and the ball earth psyops

Robert Bassano – (was a) Dam Operative disclosing fraud, NASA and the ball earth psyops

The case of Counter Intelligence Operative, Robert Bassano – Medellin, Columbia

As of today, August 14, 2016, I decided to make this page public on Dismantle The Beam Project after retiring it on as a result of Mr. Bassano threatening to process me through the court system under some sort of bizarre conditions relative to federal legal standards and guidelines according to Military civilian laws. I can’t understand it nor am worried for the reason, what Robert expresses in the following conversation is daunting. You’ll note that while he has made claims as being contracted by the military as a CIA operative under special provisions, he’s crossed the line with them with the belief Bob Knodel has conducted far worse. That just isn’t so. Bassano should be held accountable for being rogue, malicious and homicidal with implications he’s admitted working with others to do his bidding. I see elements of Charles Manson in him and that is a concern. Bluff or not, he is humanities nemesis and I’d like those learning of this to not obey contrived laws regarding privacy, but understand that people like Robert need help.


Private conversation in which Bassano threatened me, my life, if I divulged his technology or his scheme to commit mayhem.


This conversation is intended to educate him to his being culpable if anyone should suffer a loss and that nobody, including myself, held accountable. This a spiritual war and the fact that none of it considered detrimental within a peace movement is a matter of denial. Bassano doesn’t deserve credit for anything other than infuriating those around him, he has absolutely no regard for life, and by turning a cheek to the important work he does in favor of passive aggressiveness under delusional thinking is not necessary nor a matter of entertainment. He will kill you if you cross him, or not. It’s best to ask him to pack his bags and leave the internet, and retire his youtube channel. If he enters the United States, I have people watching and if anyone is injured, he’ll be rendered by his own superiors.

Bassano has shared the ideas and concepts of the technology he claims can kill humanity remotely and in mass numbers. Whether this is authentic or not is up for question, but it is his intention to draw millions of dollars in revenue selling it to the powers that be. I will not discuss the particulars although several of his acquaintances are aware. Once I learned, I was put to the test as to what to do with Bassano. Do I cross him and never learn more, or stick with it to understand his ulterior motives, goals and if he were to realize his project with a working prototype of his own. A heart attack machine far superior to what is available to DARPA today.

In response to his recent disclosure as to what he intends to do with me, I’m releasing what he has said in the past following:


Bob Knodel “Globebusters” anchorman of a Flat Earth radio probram writes:

Aug 8, 2016 I hope you [Lee Bracker] get everything that is coming to you as a result of YOUR shillery! It turns out that it is YOU that is the SHILL, nor Mark or Patricia! You are a TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT! Pick a video, any video – jackass! YOU will be exposed for the LIAR you are! Bob

Aug 9, 2016 I don’t know if you are paid to set everyone against each other or if you are just fucking insane but I do know that I STILL don’t want to have anything to do with you! You are a total piece of shit either way and you thinking you have it all figured out is hysterically laughable! You are a moron Lee and you are delusional to the point where you should be institutionalized! I will be sure to let everyone in and out of flat earth exactly what you are up to. I had a long talk with Robert Bassano about you tonight and he also shared (as in forwarded to me) your correspondence with him. I have it all Lee and you are going down in flames you fucking sorry piece of shit! Now kindly go fuck yourself while I alert the entire community to exactly what you are up to. Sincerely, BK

As a result of Knodels replies first week of August, 2016

Having received Mr. Knodel’s hate maill on the 8th and 9th of August, 2016, I asked Knodel’s co-host of globebusters, Jeran Campanella’s, permission to review my conversations in an effort to demonstrate my purpose for containing Robert Bassano. Jeran Campanella was uninterested nor cared to thank me for intervening between Bassano and Knodel. That’s the sign of a good friend? I sent Knodel the full audio recording in which Bassano would not cease his desire to cripple a family by threatening to end knodel’s career and or ultimately render Cami Knodel a widow and son Jaren fatherless, and go down his list with conspirators to do the same with “the rest”. My job is done.


Meeting Bob Knodel in February

I interviewed Bob Knodel to share with him new concepts to the Flat Earth model according to my findings. I had done the same with multiple Flat Earth personalities and researchers. As a result, my ideas were never considered for airing, I was not contacted in return, and not one media personality seemed to care that fresh material was available for listeners to acquire and use in their evaluations of the circular stalemated discussions that hindered the movement’s progression. I had no intention of going on air if they didn’t want it, but the knowledge of the material was not mentioned which led to an inquiry of my own as to why. I found that the model Mark Sargent established was necessary to remain without interference. Simple as that.

First call 2-17-2016


Second call 2-18-2016



Meeting Robert Bassano in April

I met Robert “St. Bobby” Bassano on a panel that Flat Earth jockey, Jonathan Cristopolas. “The Morgile” who had done shows with Bobby Knodel and Jeran Campanella of Globebusters youtube hangouts in which I made it a point to meet with, stay connected, and make certain that my team would be supported by excellence in research. I later learned that Robert is his alias name.



Examples of Bassano’s work



Bassano in context with humor

This isn’t about being serious 100% of the time. Since this dam radio show contains compelling content, we obviously are serious It is vitally important to understand that sensationalism is not the intent of the venue.


“Lord Steven Christ” is an internet troll with delusions of grandeur and a God complex who we felt required an education about what’s necessary and not in the world of truthing.



The breaking news – Ancient Giant Trees existed

8-6-2016 Robert on the new phenomena sweeping the Flat Earth circuit – Ancient giant tree remnants; stones were once living organisms and not part of God’s original creative design.


Robert Bassano: “Lee, they [Bob Knodel of globebusters flat earth youtube community program] are talking about you right now!”

Lee Bracker: “Robert, I have time and started listening to Bob’s show (Globusters 8-7-16) to see that at the get-go, he’s supporting Patricia and Mark saying, “people say they’re leading FE astray, but I don’t see it… I just don’t see it”. Then, they go into quelling the masses including a stand off on Lori and Lawrence who are complete buffoons to begin and end with.

What’s going to happen is that the FEers are all going to address the Bible for further proofing which will lead them to the Christian based book Mark Sargent never promoted by the same person he hijacked a patented product for another purpose to mislead. That puts Sargent into the corner of the ring in which if he decides to go another round. He’ll fail miserably revealing his masonic repulsion to the Bible. He’s too weak to go the full lie. He can’t fake it for it jeopardizes his secrecy and alliance to Satan/Lucifer/Devil, and remain sequestered in his pay per stay venue of secrecy and revenue generation. Bob is protecting the both of them out of sheer denial and that’s something that will eventually come out. Hopefully, a change takes place in which he’ll renounce Pat/Mark/Sasha/goofs in GB and so forth influence. He’ll protect them until he can’t handle opposing camps – Bible vs Luciferian theology. I know for a fact Bob and the others haven’t listened to my conversation with Ivan because I answered to the most logical and probable with the methodology I used what they asked throughout the show.

I answered all of it Robert. When he spoke of my work regarding the Grand Canyon, his lack of understanding put my work second. A shame for the reason I did prove the monuments of the Grand Canyon calling them pyramids. It’s now clear that they were living beings self created by the seeds planted by God and that they were not man, alien, or both made. They were tree pyramids. Remembering that a pyramid is a power generator with a fire in the middle is the light source of the laser defining the stars – a direct perpendicular line from the ground up to where the star is fixed however it is fixed. First there were trees, and then there were the lights. I did it Robert.. and Manes Russy brought me the final piece of the puzzle that forms the entire picture.”



Miles Johnston and I speak to the topic of Black Goo. I felt that because he had contacts with people that discuss the concept of this material, I had the need to learn what he knew with the hope I could meet with people that could shed more light on the subject for the reason, this material is what I suspect as being the component necessary for completing the mechanism I think is the Doomsday Machine – Hoover Dam.

PW:  oogkcalb




Comparing Gabby’s teeth before and after Jan 8, 2011

comparison teethIndependent Investigators claim without merit that former Democratic Rep., Gabrielle Giffords is a replacement.  Short of asking Gabby, who in a Bill of Rights reversal campaigning against American gun rights freedoms, for permission to compare her dental records to her teeth, a visual comparison using before and after images of her top and lower teeth are conclusive that the same woman who was injured the first week of 2011 is the same woman today.

The difference with our activist is…

Giffords was physically mind controlled to reverse her position regarding your gun ownership privacy.  Her body and face has filled out and no longer lean, however, her characteristic markers and measurable biometrics remain undeniably unchanged.


NWOCSI is currently developing a documentary that addresses the media psyops and planned operation referred to as the Safeway Shooting, but documented by the official report as “Operation Safeway”.


Giffords roll

Judge John McCarthy Roll and Gabrielle Giffords had close ties and similar allegiances were friends during the time when Roll had an interest in reversing the unconstitutional Brady Bill Act.  Congress made sure the Brady Bill reversal would not officially be enacted, however, Gabrielle Giffords was at one time on the same page as Judge Roll and plaintiff, Richard Mack, but is now dead set on adding to the very Bill her friend found unconstitutional more restrictions and invasions to gun owner’s privacy and usage rights.



Freightliner Daimler Trucks, Germany, United States

OSKNY Marketing, Germany and New York

Creative Technology, Singapore

CERN Center for Nuclear Energy Research, France and Switzerland

Freightliner trucking company sponsored an award winning Guinness record presentation using Hoover Dam as a projection screen depicting the destruction of Hoover Dam.  A thorough analysis conclusively demonstrates that a mechanism designed by CERN in Switzerland at their research laboratory will be somehow integrated within the dam to create a Stargate, or transportation portal.  Federal Whistle blower, Stew Webb, claims that electricity from Hoover Dam was sent via specialized near earth satellite known to be an instrument of destructive power The Death Ray and directed at the North and South Trade Center Towers in September of 2001.  If this is the case, then Hoover Dam may be used to deliver the same destructive energy via time displacement technology to move the energy remotely to various locations throughout the world if the success of CERN is achieved.

1000 points of light

As early as May 6, 2015, another theatrics projection took place on the face of the Empire State Building.  This staging featured, Kali, the goddess of time,creation, change, preservation, and destruction,  Shiva the destroyer, Kali’s husband, was showcased on Hoover Dam.  The representative elements using DNA restructuring, vortexing DNA stranding, blue light “Bluebeam”, and animal last rights imagery tells us that life on earth is coming to an end.  A special notice in which the image of our earth rotates until the Americas are visible.  What is striking is that points of light stream upward especially from the United States in what seems to be “A thousand points of light”

In the video clip, The United States is observed as 1000 streams of white light that may reference to 1000 engineering constructs that are earmarked as targets of destruction.  The statement by former president George W. Bush was not by accident, but a defined scripted line with definite intentions.  He did not mean it with relationship to 1000 specific people.  He may have meant that Hoover Dam has 10 to the power of 3.  10X relates to the AllSpark cube featured in Transformers within Hoover Dam – which follows this esoteric equation:  10X (Freightliner) is to 10³ (AllSpark cube in Transformers 2007).  Could this mean 1000 targets?
frieghtliner to the sun and back cropped

Further investigation involved asking a New York based Marketing firm, OSKNY, top copywriter agent for information regarding the script or story board for the three minute in length video display.  After one month, no answer was given and Freightliner’s German office finalized the query by denying that information to the public domain.  In other words, the marketing agent who tried to help was pressured into silence, thus confirming that the public presentation is only hyped as to its technical achievement, but not for its content and what it meant.

AboveClick to enlarge a slide projected on Hoover Dam by Freightliner Co. with the slogan “!0 X to the Sun and back” has nothing to do with freight transportation on land.  The depiction of a particle collider and vortex connection between the Sun and Earth can only refer to travel by portal gateways.  The vortex pattern is reminiscent to the “Machine” built for travel between star systems in the film CONTACT.  

The proof is held as a pdf file somewhere at Freightliner under lock and key.  It’s equivalent to a parent asking why a certain subject was taught to their child with no answer as to it’s purpose or why and the refusal to release the government curriculum rationale for the lesson.  To clarify, the top echelon marketing agent was completely compartmentalized and unaware of the connection between CERN and Hoover Dam.


Freightliner hides information from the public

Aug 21, 2015  First query sent:

Hi [S.S.],
My name is Lee Bracker with an interest regarding the theme of the projected imagery on Hoover Dam. I simply can’t find anywhere about what it was we saw. I’m curious and it would be terrifically appreciated if you might direct me to where a description of the theme and story is, or be so kind as to share a description? Thank you,

Aug 21, 2015  First query replied:

Hi Lee,  Yes, we actually did have a story line that I believe we can share with you. I’m in Portland on assignment with Mercedes at the moment but will look for it sometime next week if that works for you.  S.S.

Sept 9, 2015  Last of several communications in which the both of us questioned authority:

Hi Lee… [Unusual] I don’t think I’ll be able to get the documents explaining the projection.  My German colleagues are not responsive right now; not sure what’s going on over there…

S.S. [full name respectfully withheld]

Manager Content & Copywriter [OSKNY Marketing]


Is LaBeouf as clever the deliverer of disclosure messages as Stanley Kubrick?

Shia LaBeouf, like Stanley Kubrick, uses what it takes to deliver clues to the public of the intentions conspired by the power elites.  Shia may have been made aware what the Hollywood message was that the film he played a starring role in delivered to the general public. Why would Shia choose this comic character and the weapon he uses from thousands of comic book choices?  How coincidental is that to whistle blowers who have said this weapon, The Death Ray, was what brought about the dematerialization of the trade center towers. 

iamsorry window w death rayAn unusual exhibition was presented by Shia LaBeouf who played the lead role in Transformers 2007.  In the film that was not about Stargates, were clues that it was and that Hoover Dam was the vault which held the technology for portal transfer of matter using time displacement technology.

LaBeouf’s strange behavior yielded a clue among the art exhibit displayed one of which was a copy of the comic book Death Ray.  This cannot be by coincidence and does coincide with Stew Webb’s inside information that the Star Wars era space weapons program continues today.

Shia LaBeouf holding allspark cube textPrior to August, I was asked to be on air with Jim Fetzer on July 24, 2015, the moment he met me through Mike Sparks regarding Jade Helm’s actual function with relationship to the concern over the general consensus that Hoover Dam is earmarked for demolition.   View the feature article with a video embed: The Hadron Collider was developed to destroy Hoover Dam!

Following this link will take you to an articles listing page chronicling the research as it progressed since the year 2012.  FROM PYRAMIDS & STARGATES TO STARWARS

Coming soon; my Interview with black ops whistle blower, Stew Webb.   We cover the possibility that Hoover Dam may be used as a weapon of mass destruction delivery system as well as, or be condemned as theorized by original conspiracy theorists.


Unedited Media Broadcasting Center interview with Jim Fetzer “The Real Deal”


Included also are other media sources alleged to be guilty parties.  One is the Hunger Games franchise Demonstration of a dystonian future without Hoover Dam in the film Hunger Games “Catching Fire”.




Announcement:  Michael Vara, Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz & Ed Chiarini flagged until Vimeo ended

Their combined efforts resulted in almost 100 documentaries linked to my articles unassociated with LNM or the Horokanes be pulled.  Not a big deal, but it proves that it wasn’t me who intended to shut them down, but they me.  I published material they didn’t want their minions to view and that’s what was important.  I have not cited them for anything beyond asking that they clean up their hate speech.  The haters are liars.  They want all of my sites shut down.  So, who are the conspirators?  They are!   Look forward to a new and improved video presence.

Troll Triad is an ipredator sub-construct defining how groups of online users who are working as a team to target other online users, have different rolls and functions in the Troll Triad.

They claimed I conspired with others to defame them.  They said I conspired to shut them down.  What happened was that once I was banned from LNM by Michael Vara, I sought out the very people I was accused of conspiring with and then it became a conspiracy.  The conspiracy was to then shut them down.  I maintained that it was important to try to get them to change their minds, but because they are committed to fight, it’s inevitable that it is my aim to show that they shouldn’t be around.  It means, people will eventually question them, their integrity, and so forth until Len, Sherri and Mike just throw in the towel.  Just kids fighting over a toy in the sandbox.

Ancient Civilizations hunter, Michael Tellinger,

has shifted his efforts to doing the right thing with the Ubuntu Movement project he’s spearheading.  This enormous effort has taxed him in which he has offered his help to me while I push the search forth for an answer to Earth’s ancient history.  By finding more proof that the underground living quarters found by G.E. Kincaid in the first decade of 1900, I’m convinced that together, Tellinger and I will compile a complete story as to how the world’s “missing link” truly came about, thrived, and disappeared leaving us with the puzzle of life.

A slight problem prevails, however, and this video discussion explains that there are forces within the truth telling venues, particularly with a small time radio show pundit aligned with evil promoters of love and to be cautious.  I was surprised that Michael didn’t remember Michael Vara.. perhaps the odd broadcast of ill sentiment and low frequencies prevented Tellinger from forming a memorable experience.  I would suspect it is because Michael Vara has no interest and therefore isn’t a challenge to a guest… we love challenging hosts that ask the interesting questions, not the mundane.


Click image to view video Michael Tellinger with Lee Bracker discuss the future of Anunnaki research

Tellinger Marquee


Why do I sound presumptuous.. perhaps downright vicious?  Well, Michael Vara, Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Ryan Gable, Mario Perales, an entire army of minionites are proposing a law suit against me with a non-compelling argument that I work for a government paycheck, am interested in shutting down their operation, and all kinds of ludicrous insinuations.  They are confirmed that I sniff glue based on a drunk driving charge?  It’s like being called a pedophile when caught urinating in an emergency making sure nobody sees on the side of the freeway, a bush or tree perhaps, but the cops seem to want to watch your pee pee and charge you on it anyway.  Vara and Kane would say that person, based on their charge, are working with the Vatican to traffic underage children.  It’s that bizarre.