Are chemtrails stealing your sexuality?

[Analysis of War of the Worlds at the end of this article]

The point of global dessication,

or drought, also has the effect of turning off the conduit by which pheromones are transmitted from male to female animals, humans, flowers to insects to name a few symbiotic relationships.  What this means is that without the scent of a flower, the animal that would be attracted to it is absent.

women and men distancedI’m asked often what chemtrails are doing.  This is a complex area and has many assorted and detailed descriptions for which chemtrailing’s purpose is.

Chemtrail bioengineering’s main concern is to a deliver detrimental chemical constructs to disrupt the natural process by which the earth’s inhabitants interact.  The chemtrail phenomena is characterized by a term, “Geo Engineering”.  The truth is, it has little to do with the physical reconstruction of geological formations of the earth. I have not found an instance where land forms are changed other than once iced continents are being revealed because the ice and snow has melted.. therefore, it is bio chemical.

Those of us who know the popular list, and if you are not yet familiar with what is posted regarding what chemtrails are doing, please research before reading forth.  This article post focuses on an aspect of them that is not documented or disclosed anywhere.  Therefore, I hope the reader assumes responsibility for serving criticism based on logic.

Before discussing my point that is not well considered, I’ll recap what water is doing once it is contaminated with metal ionic particulates plus whatever else they spray out those cargo sprayer jets.

The question again when I’m asked, “What are chemtrails purpose?”  My answer is that it’s a depopulation protocol with its target on sexual reproduction.  Not that it stops it entirely, but it adds to the sexual dysfunction and gender identity issues resulting from consuming far too much phyto estrogenic foods.. and it is not just soy beans.

“Insects wait for the right conditions: right season, right time of day, right atmospheric conditions [water].  They release dimorphic sex pheromones to attract each other, sometimes over long distances [without water, there is no long distance transmission]. Each pheromone consists of one or more chemicals produced by specialized glands. Reception is via specialized pheromone-reception hairs on antennae, with specialized pheromone receptor proteins dissolved in a watery covering fluid between the cuticle and the receptor dendrite. Pheromone touches the dissolved protein and the protein changes shape. The shape change releases charged particles called ions. (Each molecule of table salt is made of two ions: sodium and chloride, for instance.) The ions released change the voltage (potential difference) and the voltage sensitive dendrite fires off an EPSP via an axon to the brain.  The delivery of pheromone from one organism to another of the same species has many possible paths, but the ingredient needed is moisture invigorated by infra red radiation. The pheromone can be deposited onto the environment (rubbing of skin glands against rocks, elimination onto the ground, grooming, preening (so-called “displacement activity”–marking territory, nesting grounds), and (via ‘nuptial gifts’) each other. Human beings move skin surface pheromones by kissing and other affectionate behavior as well as during anger. (Watch out for anger pheromones, they might be poisonous.) Pheromone receptor proteins are multiplied in the blood by ‘hugging’. The mere aroma of human tears can halt aggressive behavior by reducing testosterone levels. Tears themselves are full of pheromone receptor proteins that allow specific pheromone reception during the right conditions. Pheromone transmission and autoemission/auto-emissionnauto-receptio… windy days are low crime days for humans, for instance. “The Big Dance” is never scheduled for sixAM on a Tuesday for a reason: pheromones.

What is interesting and a problem is that there is no published reports that water plays an important part in the delivery system of pheromones.   The only way I could resolve the mystery of this correlation with chemtrail and geo (bio) engineering was to understand the work of Phil Callahan and having read all his work plus studying with him.

“Because the ground is chapt,
For there was no rain in the earth
The plowmen were ashamed,
They covered their heads.

Yea the hind also calved in the field,
And forsook it,
Because there was no grass.”

chemtrailbamThe water has been chemically altered.  Moisture in the atmosphere naturally undergoes a cleansing process and that when it precipitates to the soil, it is supposed to be pure.  Water purifies our bio system.  When electrical activity such as that of a thunderstorm, the water is able to bind nitrogen to the root system of our vegetation and even us.  What is coming down is a highly imbalanced alkaline pH and carries chemistry that has a plastic odor to it when it is melted from packed snow.  The result is a disturbance of microbial life in which a planetary die off of the food supply to larger life that feeds off microorganisms, like snails and worms with the analogy using whales feeding off plankton, this is a noted reason for planetary die off in mass.

It is said that nano robots are what to fear.. something we cannot see easily without specialized equipment.. and that Morgellon’s Disease lurks around the corner.   This does not worry me as much as the bio life changes that are taking place as a result of the chemtrail particulates acting as atmospheric sponges.  The water from the air seems to be absent most of the time.  When I look at the newspaper, it takes some time to see where the atmospheric readings are on the full page weather section.  I’m looking for what the moisture content is and they make it difficult to find.

The point of global dessication, or drought to make it easy to visualize, also has the effect of turning off the conduit by which pheromones are transmitted from male to female animals, humans, flowers to insects to name a few symbiotic relationships.  What this means is that without the scent of a flower, the animal that would be attracted to it is absent.


How can this be?  How does this work?

Our sun warms the earth during the day and at night time, there still is warmth to the objects that have retained heat from the infra red radiation.  Take notice or remember when you water your plants that you immediately receive the olfactory signals of that plant.  It is being transmitted by the liquid crystal and conduit, H20.   When you are attracted to the opposite sex, it is primarily a factor of the pheromones that you sense, but it cannot happen unless there is a very close proximity and that the buffer of moisture radiated from two bodies that this mechanism functions.  It is because there is a lack of natural humidity in the air.  So, we by in large ignore the opposite sex unless there are other activities or interests taking place.  The unseen one is missing and it is a special component for all life to intermingle.

I learned early in my life that the sense of smell was the most ancient and the last one to go.   Hearing loss, vision problems, taste, and all four senses seem to atrophy as we age, however, our sense of smell in general lasts a lifetime.  That’s what I remember in my studies.  However, you ask anyone if they smell odors as they once did and the answer is a universal “No”.  You’re lucky if you live outside metropolitan areas in which nature subtly stimulates your nose.  Thing is, only when it rains is this noticed.  If there was a normal level of moisture in the air, we’d not have this problem.


Hollywood ‘tells’ us what is behind mass depopulation and why

Troll Triad is an ipredator sub-construct defining how groups of online users who are working as a team to target other online users, have different rolls and functions in the Troll Triad.

The film “War of the Worlds” is the vehicle by which the objective of the mass microbial extinction is necessary.  The plot of the movie is to inspire human beings with superiority over alien life forms and that if they are on our planet and that we are defenseless, we have our microbiological army to defend us.  In that movie, the aliens died because their immune system does not defend against the simplest bacterial strain.  They die.  A viewer leaves that experience empowered, but when we walk out the theater doors to go home, we’re entering an atmospheric war against us in which the objective is to wipe out bugs small and large.  I don’t see them like I did before chemtrailing was prevalent.  Hollywood is controlled by alien desires and they are so deceptive we just don’t see it.  We’re blaming it on the secret society folks who are human and I doubt they even know this fact.

The video represents a small portion of the bio reforming of the earth.  War of the Worlds is an excellent example of entertainment psyops in which the suggested outcome affords the viewer hope that there is a defense against an alien invasion.  The truth is, aliens have been invading us since the Eisenhower administration and they are sterylizing this globe so that they can thrive.  Meanwhile, our bio molecular friends in the form of microorganism who would have our back, are going out of existence. 



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