Obama I.D. confirmed forgery

Troll Triad is an ipredator sub-construct defining how groups of online users who are working as a team to target other online users, have different rolls and functions in the Troll Triad.


Obama forged ID

I received an email with Barrack Hussein Obama’s college I.D. card indicating him as one Barry Soetoro as an attachment.  I immediately thought it was mostly authentic.  I forwarded it to Andrew Basiago for further clarification, but more so just to make him aware. I then researched it after sending it instead BEFORE.  I find that it’s “probably” a fake when one blogger says that bar codes were not in existence back in the early 80′s.  I rapid fired an update to Andy apologizing for bothering him.

Why, may I ask doesn’t anyone bother Regina Dugan?  She’s a part of their childhood jump team under Project Pegasus and she, of all people, should be the one we’re most pissed off at.  She ran DARPA for a number of years and currently hacks into all our personal and private business using Google as a tool along with Al Gore as acting senior adviser.  That means Facebook, Microsoft, youtube, gmail and on and on.  She’s the one to point a big ol’ fat finger at ladies and gentlemen.  Reach far and poke her eye out while you’re at it.


Andrew Basiago sheds light on the subject:

I asked Andrew Basiago what he thought of the I.D. being passed around the internet.

He commented that the ID card was a forgery and that the picture of Obama was lifted from a 1991 Harvard Law School speaker’s bio in which Obama stated that he was born in Kenya.  Andrew clarified to me that he roomed with Barack Obama (at the time went by the name of Barry) for several weeks at College of the Siskiyous in Summer 1980, not at Columbia.  Andy says that he declined the CIA’s instruction to transfer to Columbia in the Fall  of 1981.  Barry Soetoro accepted it and enrolled, however, it is still unclear as to whether Soetoro actually attended, attended briefly and left or otherwise.

Special Note:  Andrew asked that I do not share our emails publicly.  For confirmation, you may contact him at Project Pegasus.




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